English - Tagakaulo


oarbegsaybɜgsaiNpaddle; oar
oar, anbugsaybugsaiNan oar
obeyagadaVsubmit; obeyWala' mu agada ya sugu' ku.pig-agad3ʔagadVsubmit; obey
obey (cmd)ka͡agadiVobey; submit; go along with (cmd)
obey s.o.pigdalug 1pig.da.lugVIf a person pigdalug a command they obeyed and followed it exactly.Simpigtuman 2tuman1 2tumanSCE.obey s.o.der.katumander.magpakatumander.nyatumander.pagkatumander.pagtumanender.pigtumanneg.ex.phrwala' tumana
obey, willagadenVwill submit; obey
obeyedkya͡agadanʔagadvb.statsubmitted; obeyedUsed with obeying someone in authority.Simtuman1 1
obeyed completely all the instructionspigtuman 2Vobeyed completely all the instructionsSimpigdalug 1
obscene jestinglalungayNfilthy talk; obscene jesting
observingmigbantayVIf someone migbantay something, they are watching, observing, or viewing an event.
obsession to acquireallupSCE.obsession to acquireder.allupan
obsolete, renderanggin1 2ˈʔaŋ.ginSCE.render obsoleteder.nyaka‑angginder.nyampaka-anggin2der.panangginander.pig-angginder.pig-anggin2
obstruct.viewsaliben2salibɜnRLkyasalibenan2kyasalibenan1SCE.obstruct view2.3.1Seeder.makasaliben
oceandagat̀da.gatNocean; sea1.3.1.1Ocean, lakeGeoggeographyid.dulug na dagatid.tenga-tenga' na dagat
ocean, edge of theligad na dagatligad na dagatn.phr.edge of the ocean1.3.1.5Island, shore
o'clockalas=ʔalasinf. var.ala=adjIf a person asks you what time is it by your watch, you might say it is alas dosi la meaning it is12:00 am.
odor, urineansu'SCE.urine odorder.kansu'der.mansuˈ
ofna9LkGEN [of]
of mind with others, s.o. issyumambuk 1Vs.o. is united with; of mind with others
of thatnan2nancfnan2nan2san2yan1Demonstrativeof that9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
of thisninininipron.GEN.demonof this9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
off marktipastipasSCE.off mark
offend s.o. by offering s.th. and then take it away and offer againmigdunnu'2dunnuʔVIf a person migdunnu', he insulted or offended someone by offering a gift and before they can take possession took it away then offered it to them again. Dili' kaw magdunnu'.Don't you +insult someone by +offering a gift and +before they can take +possession +take it +away then +offer it to them +again.
offend by giving then take back againdunnu'1dunnuʔoffend by giving then take back againder.migdunnu'2
offend s.o.pagbalawanVoffend s.o.
offer to eat s.th., willpakanVwill offer to eat s.th.
offering or sacrifice to s.th., made anpigdugsu-anVmade an offering or sacrifice to s.th.
offering placesabaksabakNA sabak is an offering place where one can present appeasement offerings to the spirits., sacrifice
officerpagsaligan1pagsaliganNofficer; official
officialpagsaligan1pagsaliganNofficer; official
officials, high rankingmangkalangkawNhigh ranking officials
offspringise' 2ʔi.sɜʔn.possdthe offspring of most animals1.6.3Animal life cycleder.ise-anid.ise' na ambakid.ise' na manukder.magpaka-ise'der.maka-ise'der.mangayse'der.pag-ise'der.pig-ise-ander.pig-ise'mi-ise'Voffspring
offspring, youngestmanggudadjyoungest offspring
oftenkalikit2likitvb.statfrequent; oftender.pakalikitalikit1 2likitder. oflikit1 2frequent; oftenlikit1 2frequent; oftenSCE.frequent; oftenTimeder.malikit2der.malikit2der.piglikitder.kalikit2magkalikit2malikit2likitvb.statfrequent; oftenOppmalakwat1
often (command), do s.th.pakalikitaVdo s.th. often (command)
oil, cookingmantikamantikaNcooking oilUsually from coconut.
oil, dieselkrudukruduNdiesel fuel1.2.3.2Oil
oil, lubricatingasitiʔasitiSCE.lubricating oil1.2.3.2Oil
olddadan1da.daanvb.statIf a person says the something is dadan da, she means it is old.9.2.1Adjectives
old man, anbakleg2ˈbak.lɜgNold man2.6.4.5Old personder.mangkabaklegay
old smellingmagkalangeg2laŋɜgvb.stats.th. becomes old smelling; stale tasting9.1.1.2Become, change state8.4.6.5Age8., not new2.3.4Smell
old woman, s.o. will become anmagkabuyagbuyagVs.o. will become an old woman
old womanhood, s.o. reacheskyabuyagan3buyagvb.stats.o. reaches old womanhood
old, verydatidatiadjvery old
older and unmarriednyanigadsad ya kadalaga͡annyanigadsad ya kadalaga͡anVolder and unmarried
Omen of bad luck, used with other words to indicate the type of bad luck.ayaw2ʔa.ya͡uNOmen of bad luck, used with other words to indicate the type of bad luck. Rain, sunshine, and lightning in certain combinations are considered omens of bad luck, such as illness, death, attack, or bad weather to come. Which signs indicate which peril vary in peoples minds.