English - Tagakaulo


omen that will guide one through , anlangenlangenlaŋɜnlaŋɜnVan omen that will guide one through Ya limukun tuluyun mabeslut.
omen, badmalat ya limukunadj.Phr.bad omen
omen, goodmadyaw ya limukunadj.Phr.good omen
omen, unfavorablebenen 2bɜnɜnVunfavorable omenBenen kaw manik kay migba͡en si Dé'.Your forbidden to come up because Dé' sneezed.
omen, warningbala'ba.ˈlaʔSCE.warning omender.migbala'2
on the side ofapit6ˈʔa.pitspatl.deitic on the side of Used when relating to kinship. for example, he is grandfather apit adti on my mother’s side of the familyder.pig-apitan2
on, thereadtu ni 2ˈʔad.tu niDemonstrativethere onid.aadtu i
onceminsanminsanadv.timeonce; one time
once againsalut1salutAdvrepeat againder.pigsalutder.salutun2id.ya salut
oneesya' 1ʔɜsaʔinf. var.esyaNoneder.kasya2isaʔisaadj.cnt.oneder.kasyacomp.sambuk1comp.sambuk2isa-Afx. > adj.cnt.onesambuk1sam.ˈbuukRLRLsyumambukder. ofsambuk1oneRLsambuk1oneVIf a person says he wants sambuk of s.t., he is saying he wants one piece., completeder.magpa-isambukder.makasambukder.migkasambukder.migsambuksay.migsambuk ya anenganengsay.migsambuk ya ginawader.pag‑isambukder.pagkasambukder.pagpasambukder.pagsambukun1der.pakasambukder.pigsambukancomp.sambuksambukder.sumambukder.pagsambuk
one long, skinny thingsambulusadj.qualityone long, skinny thingUsed for fish, bread, a bundle of wood, ...
one mind on matters, s.o. to be ofmigsambuk ya anenganengv.phrs.o. to be of one mind on matters
one of s.th.esya' 2ʔɜsaʔinf. var.esyaadj.cnt.one of s.th.Part of underlying form of +saN-:der.kasya2saN-saNadj.cnt.one of s.th.
one outside the lawtalminaltalminalNA talminal is anyone who is a criminal, involved in criminal activities, or who is not covered by the juristiction of civil law.4.7.3Break the law4.7.1Laws4.6.4Rule
one rotation, s.o. mademigsambiling2sambiliŋVs.o. made one rotation
one sentenced to be executedpatayenenNone sentenced to be executed
one thin, flat layersangkalapidsaŋkalapidadj.cnt.one thin, flat layer
one timeminsanminsanadv.timeonce; one time
one’s sense of feelingbati'1ba.tiʔRLbyati'n.possdsense of feel2.3.5Sense of touchder.bati-ender.bati-enender.mati'2der.nyakapalumati'der.nyati'
oneness in spiritpag‑isambukVunity among people
onions, round, redbumbaybumbaiNround, red onions
onions, springgandagandaNwild onions; spring onionsLiliaceae allium cepa1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
onlyolo'1ʔo.loʔadv.mod.onlyder.pag-olo-under.pig-olo'2ex.phr.wala' olo-a
opaquelyebegVopaque; murkyUsually said of water, but can apply to other clear liquids.
openmaluwag1luwagvb.statIf a person says that a place is maluwag, it feels spacious, open, vast with plenty of room to spread out.Oppmapeyet
open a mouth-like object by spreading apart the sidesbeka'ˈbɜ.kaʔSCE.open a mouth-like object by spreading apart the sidesder.beka-ader.pigbeka'pigbeka'ˈbɜ.kaʔVopen a mouth-like object by spreading apart the sides
open a mouth-like object by spreading apart the sides (cmd)beka-aˈbɜ.kaʔVopen a mouth-like object by spreading apart the sides (cmd)
open eyes after sleepingmagmatamag.ma.taVIf a person was sleeping and they wake up and open their eyes2.4.5Rest2.1.1.1EyeAnatanatomy
open mouth wide-openngangaŋaŋaSCE.open mouth wide-open
open to inspectionkabukasan2bukasvb.statIf something is kabukasan, it will be open to inspection something that is hidden, or someone's secret activities will be revealed in the open., unknown
open upuwang1ʔuwaŋSCE.open upder.pig-uwang2der.pig-uwangander.uwangen
open up (box or book)leka'lɜkaʔopen up (box or book)
open up a flat piece of cloth, tokayaben3kayabVto open up a flat piece of cloth
open up from a closed statebekkal 1bɜkkalinf. var.bukkalVopen up from a closed stateLike a flower budder.bekkalader.bekkalender.magbabekkalayder.nyabekkalder.pagkabekkal
open up from a closed state like a flowernyabekkalVs.o. spread s.th. outSimnyaladlad
open up, willuwangenVwill open up
open wide an opening for inspectionbukabukaSCE.open wide an opening for inspection
opened (a door), s.o. or s.th.pig-uwanganVs.o. or s.th. opened (a door)
opened up s.th.pig-uwang2ʔuwaŋVopened up s.th.7.3.6Open
openingsuwangansu.wa.ŋanNThe suwangan of a building, wall, fence, or house is the doorway.Simsungangan6.5.2Parts of a building6.5Working with buildings
opening up and spreading out, thepagkabekkalVthe opening up and spreading out
openings set side-by-side, smalltagtag2tag.tagvb.statsmall openings set side-by-side
opposeampang1ʔampaŋRLkya-ampangan2SCE.Of people:der.ampangander.pig-ampang2der.pig-ampangan
oppose anotherpig-ampang2ʔampaŋVoppose anotherUsually said of a teaching, advice, a command.
oppose s.o.’s belief or teaching, willampanganVwill oppose s.o.’s belief or teaching
opposite ofdipag1di.pagspatl.deitic other side of; opposite ofid.adti dipagder.migdipag2der.pigdipagan2unspec. comp. formtalipag1
opposite side , there on theadti pitadtuˈʔad.ti pi.ˈtad.tuloc.phr.For something or someone to located on the opposite side of something else.
oppressmulayam 1.1Voppress
oppressed, s.o. is beingpyamulayamanVs.o. is being persecuted; oppressed