English - Tagakaulo


oppressionpamulayampamulayamRLpyamulayamanNoppression; undeserved punishmentder.pigpamulayaman
oraw 5ʔauconj.coordor9.2.5.1Phrase conjunctions
or benchingkudanan 1ʔiŋkudananNAn ingkudanan is anything that serves as something to sit on such as a chair, a stool, or a bench.
or joint likebuku1bukuNA buku is any kind of knot or joint like bump where a joint is made whether a knot in a rope, string, knot in wood, node of bamboo.id.buku na tullu'der.bukuwun3
or wiretuktuk 2tuktukNend of a piece of rope; thread; or wireid.tuktuk na abaid.tuktuk na buntudid.tuktukan na uwakder.tuktukay
oral historykasampetanenkasampɜtanɜnNA kasampetanen is remembering or telling of a person's life story and oral historical account of first people.3.5.4Story3.5.7.2Written material3.5.7.1Write
orchid, k.o.palantaspalantasNk.o. orchid1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
order of eventssaktadsaktadSCE.order of events
order or commandsugu'2 1suguʔRLsyumuguˈNprimorder or commandSimpigpene-an2der.migpasugu'der.migsugu'der.sugu-anen
ordered, s.o.syumuguˈVs.o. ordered, sent s.o. else
ordersuldinʔuldinNlaw; ordersSimbala-ud
orders, s.o.migsugu'Vs.o. commands; orders
organizetapid1ˈta.pidta.pidSCE.put in order; arrangeder.migtapidder.pigtapid2der.tapiden
originate from some placetaga2tagaadv.dir.originate from some place
originated from s.wh., s.th.tyumugbul2tugbulVs.th. originated from s.wh.
oriolekuliyawkuliyawNan oriole1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
orphaniluʔiluVIf a child's parents dies, the child is manaylu, or orphan. var.manéluNan orphan
orphan, amanélumanɜluNa orphanone whose either one or both parents has died
other oneeped2ʔɜpɜdadjother one
other side ofdipag1di.pagspatl.deitic other side of; opposite ofid.adti dipagder.migdipag2der.pigdipagan2unspec. comp. formtalipag1
other side of, there on theadti dipagʔadti dipagloc.phr.there on the other side of
others of like one’s selfmanga pa-unawamaŋa pa.ʔunawan.phr.others of like one’s self
oughtmananagta'ma.na.ˈnag.taʔVshould; ought
ourkanami1kanamiProour9.2.3Pronounskanaten2kanatɜnPro1p.OBL.incnami1ˈna.miPro3p.GEN.our9.2.3Pronounsnaten1natɜnPro1p.GEN.inc [our]tadun 2ta.dunProour9.2.3Pronouns
our-twota2 2taour-two9.2.3Pronouns
out of alignment, for s.th like a wheel to be badlynyampakasuwaysuwayVfor s.th like a wheel to be badly out of alignment
out of reachkawad 1kawadSCE.out of reachder.kakawadan
out stretch your arms (cmd)bitilaVout stretch your arms (cmd)
outer coveringsalindung 1.1Vapron; outer covering
outer.layer.of.a.stalk.of.maize,.banana,.or.abaka, the.palipakpalipakNthe outer layer of a stalk of maize, banana, or abaka1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotany
outhousecrouthouse2.2.8Defecate, feces
out-of-jointmasaléléVout-of-joint; cramp
outrigger floatkatigkatigNoutrigger
outside, thereadti luwa'ˈʔad.ti ˈlu.waʔloc.phr.For something or someone to located there outside of something else., outside
outstretch arms forwardbitil 1bitilSCE.outstretch arms forwardIn a two oclock or statue-of-liberty positionSimpigkiwadder.bitila
outstretch one’s arm in front of thembitil 2bitilVoutstretch one’s arm in front of themder.bitila
ovenpugunpugunNA pugun is an oven commonly used to dry copra.
over to s.o., will handtumbayenVwill hand over to s.o.
overcome by sicknesskyedelan2kɜdɜlvb.statovercome by sickness2.5.1Sick
overcome with awareness, bekyasalipsipan 2vb.statbe overcome with awarenessSuch as when a woman realizes over time that she has become pregnant.
overcome with ill feelings towards s.o.kyababangVovercome with ill feelings towards s.o.Wala' ya kyababang nan.Have no ill feelings towards him.
overflowulu2SCE.overflowSaid of only dry things such as grain in a basket.der.pig-uluwan
overflow from natural boundaryigwad1ʔigwadSCE.Of waterSaid of a body of waterder.nyigwad
overflow its container, something such a liquid tolyumapiyaVsomething such a liquid to overflow its container
overflowedpig-uluwanVoverflowedSaid only of dry goods such as grain in a container.
overflowed the sides of s.th.syalampawan ya baledsyalampawan ya balɜdv.phroverflowed the sides of s.th.Said of a wave splashing over the side of boat or ship; can also be used of water lapping against a barrier such as a dam,sea wall, or breakwater.
overgrow with weedsgaletSCE.overgrow with weeds