English - Tagakaulo


overgrown formerly cultivated fieldinumayanʔinumayancfba-ulangebanginumayanpawa'NAn inumayan is was a cultivated field that has been allowed to become overgrown with weeds and trees.
overhearddyengeg2 2dʸɜ.ŋɜgvb.perceptoverheard2.3.2.1Listen2.3.2Hear
overlook one's faultpasinsiyapasinsiyaVforgive; overlook one's faultSimnyalanas2 3der.pasinsiya͡an
overpouringpalapuwaVabound; exceed; overpouring
overshadow by, begebben 1.1vb.statbe overshadow by
overshadow, bekyasalibenan1kyasalibɜnanvb.statbe overshadow2.3.1See
overshadowed by a cloud, s.th. istyumakleb2taklɜbVs.th. is overshadowed by a cloudDyumateng ya labun aw tyumakleb kanilan.The cloud arrived and +overshadowed them.
overtaken by charm medicinekatadengan 1katadɜŋanvb.statIf a person is said to be katadengan, he has been overcome by some charm medicine, hex, poison, or some sickness that is from the skills of a shaman.4.9.4Miracle, supernatural power2.5.5Cause of disease
overwhelmed by smokemag-upukVwill be aphyxiated; smoked outSimka-ebelan
overworked by s.o.palaba͡an3labaVoverworked by s.o.Palaba͡an da to-o ya pig-imo' nan kanak, yanagaw imo-un ku ya kaliman ku imo-un pangkay ayin.His +work for me was +too +much, therefore whatever he wants me to do I will do it.
owl, Philippine.grass.kong 2koŋNa Philippine grass owlTyto capensis amauronota1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
owl, screech.kong 1koŋNa screech owlOtus bakkamoena everetti1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
ownkatagtunVpossess; own (neutral)Used with “wala'”
own s.th , willtagtunun2tagtunVwill own s.th
own s.th., s.o. willtumagtunRLtyumagtun2Vs.o. will own s.th.
own, be able tomatagtun 2Vbe able to own
own, someone is able tonyakatagtunVsomeone is able to possess or own something
owned s.th., s.o.tyumagtun2 1tagtunVs.o. owned s.th.
ownertagtun1tagtunNA tagtun is the owner of something or someone.6.8.1Have wealthder.katagtununspec. comp. formkatagtunander.makatagtunder.matagtunder.nyakatagtunder.pakatagtunder.tagtunun2neg.ex.phrwala' pakatagtunder.ya tyumagtunya tyumagtunverb.noun.phr.the owner; masterIdtu muna ikaw ya tyumagtun sa lupa' ini.Short time ago you were the owner of this land.
oxidizedpagkalalingenVsomething will become rusty