English - Tagakaulo


oarbegsaybɜgsaiNpaddle; oar
oar, anbugsaybugsaiNan oar
obeyagadaVsubmit; obeyWala' mu agada ya sugu' ku.pig-agad3ʔagadVsubmit; obey
obey (cmd)ka͡agadiVobey; submit; go along with (cmd)
obey s.o.pigdalug 1pig.da.lugVIf a person pigdalug a command they obeyed and followed it exactly.Simpigtuman 2tuman1 2tumanSCE.obey s.o.der.katumander.magpakatumander.nyatumander.pagkatumander.pagtumanender.pigtumanneg.ex.phrwala' tumana
obey, willagadenVwill submit; obey
obeyedkya͡agadanʔagadvb.statsubmitted; obeyedUsed with obeying someone in authority.Simtuman1 1
obeyed completely all the instructionspigtuman 2Vobeyed completely all the instructionsSimpigdalug 1
obscene jestinglalungayNfilthy talk; obscene jesting
observingmigbantayVIf someone migbantay something, they are watching, observing, or viewing an event.
obsession to acquireallupSCE.obsession to acquireder.allupan
obsolete, renderanggin1 2ˈʔaŋ.ginSCE.render obsoleteder.nyaka‑angginder.nyampaka-anggin2der.panangginander.pig-angginder.pig-anggin2
obstruct.viewsaliben2salibɜnRLkyasalibenan2kyasalibenan1SCE.obstruct view2.3.1Seeder.makasaliben
oceandagat̀da.gatNocean; sea1.3.1.1Ocean, lakeGeoggeographyid.dulug na dagatid.tenga-tenga' na dagat
ocean, edge of theligad na dagatligad na dagatn.phr.edge of the ocean1.3.1.5Island, shore
o'clockalas=ʔalasinf. var.ala=adjIf a person asks you what time is it by your watch, you might say it is alas dosi la meaning it is12:00 am.
odor, urineansu'SCE.urine odorder.kansu'der.mansuˈ
ofna9LkGEN [of]
of mind with others, s.o. issyumambuk 1Vs.o. is united with; of mind with others
of thatnan2nancfnan2nan2san2yan1Demonstrativeof that9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
of thisninininipron.GEN.demonof this9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
off marktipastipasSCE.off mark
offend s.o. by offering s.th. and then take it away and offer againmigdunnu'2dunnuʔVIf a person migdunnu', he insulted or offended someone by offering a gift and before they can take possession took it away then offered it to them again. Dili' kaw magdunnu'.Don't you +insult someone by +offering a gift and +before they can take +possession +take it +away then +offer it to them +again.
offend by giving then take back againdunnu'1dunnuʔoffend by giving then take back againder.migdunnu'2