English - Tagakaulo


pace, controlledkumpaskumpasSCE.controlled pace
pack into a balltabuduk2tabudukSCE.pack into a ball
packed down with s.t.pigdasek2dasɜkVIf a person pigdasek dirt or cement, he is shaking and packing it down firmly such as by stomping on it or pressing into a form.
packed full of peoplebanyetbanyɜtSCE.packed full of peopleSiminsek1
packed in tight and vying for position (in a crowd)iyagawVpacked in tight and vying for position (in a crowd)
packed tightly togethermigdasekVpacked tightly together
padded gong beatertingkulaytiŋkulayNA tingkulay is the padded beater for striking the brass drum or gong. instrument
paddlebegsaybɜgsaiNpaddle; oar
paid by the dayinallawʔi.ˈnal.lauVIf a person is paid by the day he is inallaw.
paid s.o. for services renderedpigtandananpig.tan.ˈda.nanVpaid someone for services rendered6.8.4.5Pay
painkasakit2sakitvb.statpain2.5.6.1Painsakit1 1sakitSCE.pain2.3.5Sense of touch2.5.6.1Painder.kasakit2der.masakit
pain caused by snake biteeleg1 2ʔɜlɜgNpain caused by snake bite2.5.6.1Pain
pain, feel stingingapdes1ˈʔap.dɜsʔap.dɜsSCE.feel stinging painder.kapdes2der.mapdes
pain, s.o. habitually suffersmagti-is2ti.ʔisVs.o. habitually suffers pain4.4.2Trouble2.5.6.1Pain
pain, sufferti-is1 1ti.ʔisder. ofti-is1 1suffer painSCE.suffer painder.magti-is2der.pagti-isder.pati-isender.pigpati-isder.pigti-isander.ti-isader.migti-is
painted.quailpalu'2pa.luʔNa painted quailCoturnix chinensis
palate, one’ssakla'sak.laʔn.possda person’s palate and alveolar ridge of the upper inside of one’s mouth2.1.1.4MouthAnatanatomy
palepunsé'punsɜʔdial. var.pessé'vb.statIf a person is said to be punsé', they are pale or anemic, lacking in sufficiant iron in their blood., starvation
palmkalisawka.ˈli.sa͡oNBetel nut palm; kaliso palmThe green nut-like fruit is used for mama', betel-nut chewing. The plant is a palm and has a tall, narrow trunk and a pleasant odor.Areca caliso; areca catechu1.5.1Tree
palm fernpalāngpalāŋNTree fern; palm fernThe trunk is covered with black, interlacing roots. The roots are used for potting orchids.Cyathea contaminans1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
palm fruit to the stem , the 'cup' that holdsbakul1ba.kulNthe ‘cup’ that holds palm fruit to the stem Nyulug da ya bakul na mamen.The bakul of the mamen fell.
palm leaf materials , wovenbakidˈba.kidNAnything made of woven palm leaves such as a woman’s carrying bag, sleep mat, blinds, etc. is bakid.
palm readermamaladaymamaladayNprimpalm reader
palm tree heart, theubud1ʔubudNthe palm tree heartThe ubud is the new-growth part of the palm. If the ubud dies the plant cannot grow and will die.
palm, large fishtailtakipantakipanNlarge fishtail palmA takipan is a plant whose bark and root are used to draw out poison from the ba͡ay root.Caroyota rumphiana var. philippinensis1.5.1TreeBotbotany
palm, one’spalad1paladn.possdthe palm of a person’s hand2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomyder.mamaladay
palsykimay1kimayNpalsy2.5.4.5Birth defect2.5.4DisabledMedimedicineder.nyakimay2
palsy, havenyakimay2kimayvb.stathave palsy2.5.4.5Birth defect
pantsengasenga1sɜŋasɜŋaSCE.pant2.2.1Breathe, breathder.migsengasenga2
pantingmigsengasenga2sɜŋasɜŋaVIf a person or animal is migsengasenga, they are panting for breathe from over-exertion or to cool off body.Migsengasenga to-o ya kalabaw kay mapasu'.The water buffalo was really panting because its [body] was hot.
pants, a man’ssalwalsalwaln.concretea man’s pants5.3Clothing
papaya plant and its fruitkapayakapayaNpapaya plant and its fruitCarica papaya1.5.1Tree5.2FoodBotbotany
parablepundinganan 1pundiŋananinf. var.pandingananNA pundinganan is any kind of verb illustration or parable.
parakeet, green.kulasisikulasisiNa small, green parakeet1.6.1.2BirdZoolzoology
paralleltepad 2tɜ.padSCE.parallel
parallel furrows of a fieldtekap2Nparallel furrows of a field
parallel to or the edge ofdulug1 1ˈdu.lugNThe dulug of something is something that is parallel to the edge it such as a river bank or the seashore., shoreder.migdulug2
paralyzedesebʔɜsɜbSCE.frozen; paralyzedpulid1 2pulidvb.statIf someone is said to be pulid, they are paralyzed so that they are not able to walk.2.5.4Disabledder.nyapulid
paralyzed in one legbiye'biyɜʔNparalyzed in one leg2.5.4Disabled
paralyzed with feartenebtɜnɜbSCE.paralyzed with fearder.migteneb
parents, a childs spouse’sbalāyba.ˈla͡in.possda childs spouse’s parents4.1.9.2Related by marriageunspec. comp. formmatalabalāy
parents, one'smangkatikadengmaŋkatikadɜŋn.possdone's parents
parents-in-lawuganganʔugaŋann.possdparents-in-law4.1.9.2Related by marriageid.ugangan na bukubukuid.ugangan na dalitay
parrot, blue-naped.kalangagka.la.ŋagNa bllue-naped parrot.tanygnathus lucionensis lucionensis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
partsukaysukaySCE.partSaid of : hair to look for lice or grass when looking for s.th. lost7.5.1.1Separate, scatter
part of wholeigatangʔigataŋpart of whole
part ways from one anothersuway1suwayRLsyumuwayVpart ways from one anotherDun da silan suway sa dalan.There now they parted ways on the road /trail.der.magpasuwayder.magsuwayenender.nyakasuwayder.pigpasuwayder.sumuwayder.suwayan