English - Tagakaulo


s.o. allowed, s.o.migtumbay2tumbayVs.o. permitted; s.o. allowed3. authority3.3.4.1Give permission3.2.5.4Agree with someone
s.o. looks down on, s.o. is alwaysmagpadana'Vs.o. is always below another in status; s.o. looks down onSimmagpadalem
s.o. will beka-galu-anVs.o. will be deceived by liesSimgaway1
s.th willmananapmananapVs.th will creep; crawl
sablag request, part ofbagi'1 2ˈba.giʔNpart of sablag requestder.bagi-an2der.kabagi-ander.kabagi'der.magbagi'der.mangagi'
sack used for flour or rock salt, large, white clothbaletanba.lɜ.ˈtanNlarge, white cloth sack used for flour or rock salt
sack, rice or cornsaku 1sakuNA saku is a rice or maize corn sack usually made of plastic strips.
sacrifice, offermigdugsu'2dugsuʔVIf a person migdugsu' he has offered a sacrifice to God or some kind of supernatural spirit.
sadmigkalat ya ginawamigkalat ya ginawav.phrsad; heartbroken
sad facedmatimbegat ya giyaadj.Phr.sad faced
sad, feelmabegat ya ginawa 2mabɜgat ya ginawav.phrfeel sad
saddleapidˈʔa.pidcfapidkakangpaliyegpangabapangikugpungussiya'NAn apid is a riding pad used to sit on when riding horseback or on the back of a water buffalo.One can use an “apid” as a saddle to ride on, or, it is often used as a cushion between the animal’s back and the wooden cargo saddle, to minimize friction when an animal,(esp. a horse) is carrying very heavy loads. The “apid” is often made of corn or rice sacks made from woven, thin plastic string, and stitched in a manner where there are long “tubes”, perhaps 8-10 tubes that are stuffed with “kapok”, a cotton-like material from the kapok tree seeds. A strap around the neck of the animal, one around the tail, and one under the belly keep the apid in place.
saddle, wood cargosiya'siyaʔcfapidkakangpaliyegpangabapangikugpungussiya'NA siya' is a wood cargo saddle used for strapping and carrying heavy loads on horses.
safe shelter, s.th. will beebenganVs.th. will be safe shelter
sagbutuk1butukSCE.sag; bend downder.nyabutuk2
sagged, s.thnyabutuk2butukVs.th. sagged; bent downNyabutuk da ya dawun na mangga' kay madég ya bunga nan.The leaves of the mango tree are bending down because it has much fruit.
sago palm flournateknatɜkProcmagsakul2natekNNatek is sago palm flour.
sago palm plantlumbiyalumbiyaProcmagsakul2lumbiyaNSago palm plantThe core of the palm trunk after 8-9 years is mature enough to be harvested for palm flower. The palm flower or natek is used as a food-of-last-resort during times when food is scarce.1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
said to call pigs to eat, what issong, song, songPhr.what is said to call pigs to eat
said to scare off a pig, what isbrra, brraPhr.what is said to scare off a pig
said, s.o.piglong2loŋV s.o. said
said, s.o.miglongloŋvb.utts.o. saidSimuknuy
said, the thing s.o.ya paglongpagloŋthe thing s.o. said
sailkayad 2kayadNprimsailder.kayadanlayag2layagNsail