English - Tagakaulo


ugly, be.matenggeyamatɜŋgɜyavb.statIf a person is said to be matenggeya, they are ugly to look at.Oppmanenggeya12.
umbilical cordpusud 2pu.sudn.possdumbilical cord2.1.8Internal organs
umbrellapayung 2payuŋNumbrella
unable to decide about s.th.lyantalak2lantalakVunable to decide about s.th.
uncle, one'staganaktaganakn.possdA person's taganak is their uncle. by birth
uncleankatapingiVbe dirty; uncleanDun katapingi...antkalinisSimmalipa'2
underneath, thereadti saladˈʔad.ti ˈsa.ladloc.phr.For something or someone to be located underneath some flat object.
underside of a snake, scale-likeunapʔunapNThe unap is the scale-like underside of a snake. of a reptile
underside of s.th.saladsa.ladNTSuch as a table, the floor of a house, base of a mountainSimsakal 1
understand the meaningmaka͡apetVgrasp a conceptDili' maka͡apet ya anenganeng nilan sa kadyaw na bet na TyumanemTheir thinking cannot grasp / understand [lit. reach] the character of God.Used in the negative--dili'
understand the meaning ofpaka͡apetVable to comprehendWala' pakapet ya anenganeng nilan sa piglong nan.Their minds were not able to comprehend the meaning of his words.Used with the negative existential “wala'”. This is referring to the deep meaning of something.
understand, someone will be able tomakalabetVsomeone will be able to understand
understandably clear, madepigbangalVmade understandably clear
understandskalabeti3la.bɜtvb.statunderstandsWala' nan kalabeti.He does not understand.
understood s.th., s.o.kyalabetanvb.cogns.o. understood s.th.
understood, become clearlymagkabangal3 1ˈba.ŋalvb.statbecome clearly understood9.1.1.2Become, change state3.2.4.2Understandable
underwater, beneath thedalem na tubigdalɜm na tubigadj.Phr.beneath the water; underwater1.3.4Be in water
underworld, name of the one who conducts a soul to theKaludukanKaludukann.properKaludukan is the one who conducts a death person's soul to the place of the dead.Similar to the Greek: Charon
undeserved punishmentpamulayampamulayamRLpyamulayamanNoppression; undeserved punishmentder.pigpamulayaman
undomesticatedmalyawˈmaal.yauan animal that acts wild and does not like approaching peopleantmagnek11.6.4.1Animal movement
undresspigluwasVremoved one’s clothes
unexpected resultpagkasungku'2suŋkuʔconjunexpected result
unexpectedly [lit. no idea when]dili' imanmanenv.phrunexpectedly [lit. no idea when]
unfeeling toward something, becamepigpangkebbelanVpeople have become callousedUsed figuratively to describe people’s habits, minds, thoughts, heart--to become hardened or unfeeling toward something--usually doing evil deeds; or unfeeling toward someone’s needs.
unfold one’s arm at elbowuladen2ʔuladVunfold one’s arm at elbow
unfold s.th.ulad1 1ʔuladSCE.Of rope or fabricder.uladen2der.uladen2
unforgivable, s.th. isgyumanged2gaŋɜdVs.th. is unforgivableGyumanged da ya sala' nilan.Their sin/debt is unforgivable.
union with, be inkasambukvb.statbe in union withder.nyakasambukneg.ex.phrwala' pakasambukpagkasambukVbecoming united with
unit of dry measure=3 litersgantanggantaŋNunit of dry measure=3 liters
unite as husband and wife, two people tomig-egket2mig.ʔɜg.kɜtVtwo people to unite as husband and wifeWhere it is a marriage between a young man and a young woman who have never before been married .Simmig-ugnan2
united associated with someone else, s.o. becamemigkasambukVs.o. became united / associated with someone else
united in spirit with othersmagsambuk ya ginawan.phr.united in spirit with others
united withsyumambuk 1Vs.o. is united with; of mind with others
united with (neutral), united with (neutral)pakasambukVunited with (neutral)
united with someone or something, will be able to bemakasambukVwill be able to be united with someone or something
united with, becomingpagkasambukVbecoming united with
united with, notwala' pakasambukPhr.not united with
united, people will becomemagkasambukVpeople will become united
unity among peoplepag‑isambukVunity among people
universe, thekadakula' na banwakadakulaʔ na banwan.phr.the universe1Universe, creation
unloadawas1ˈʔa.wasSCE.unloadder.awasader.pig-awas3pig-awas3ˈʔa.wasVIf a person unloads by removing a load from the top of a horse he has pig-awas the load.
unload it (cmd)awasaVunload it (cmd)Dun da awasa ya dakula' na kalga.There the entire cargo was unloaded. (context of unloading a boat)Awasa la ya dala͡en na kuda' kay to-o la kyabegatan.Remove now the horse's load because it is very weighted down.
unloaded cargo from a beast-of-burden (pl.)pyan-awasVunloaded cargo from a beast-of-burden (pl.)