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vaginapuki 2pukin.possdA puki is the private area on a young girl.
vagina, female’sakukʔakukn.possda woman's vaginaThe word is not said in public much but when it is, it is by the old women who can get away with it. organsobsc
valid excusesagputSCE.valid excuse
valley, a broadkalatagan 1ka.la.ta.gaanNbroad valley1.2.1.4Valleyder.kalataganen
valley, depression where two hills meetkalikuban2kalikubanvb.statdepression where two hills meet; valleya place where water or stream flowed1.2.1Land1.2.1.4Valley
valley, small.elet 3ʔɜlɜtNa small valley1.2.1.4ValleyGeoggeographyder.eletanander.ka‑eletander.kya-eletander.nyaka‑elet
valuealaga'ʔa.ˈla.gaʔNIf something has alaga', it has value or worth.gunagunaNvalueAlways used with negative existential: wala' ya guna.
vanish from sightkasalinapiVvanish in a crowd of people (so as not to be recognized)
vanish without tracenyalanas2 1lanasvb.statIf something nyalanas, it has vanished or disappeared without a trace.
vegetable dish to go with riceutanʔutanNAn utan is a vegetable dish that one puts on or eats with rice.5.2Foodder.utanenen
vegetable garden hidden in an uncultivated fieldtawang3 1tawaŋNa vegetable garden hidden in an uncultivated fieldSaid of a garden
vegetable genericgulay1gulayNvegetable (generic) food plantsBotbotanyder.gulayenender.piggulay2
vendbaligya'RLbyaligya'Vsell; vend6.8.4.9Exchange, trade6.8.4.2Sellder.baligya-enen
venom, snakebisaˈbi.saNBisa is snake venom. of a reptile2.5.3.2PoisonZoolzoology
verbal illustrationpundinganan 1pundiŋananinf. var.pandingananNA pundinganan is any kind of verb illustration or parable.
verbally persistentselsegsɜlsɜgRLsyumelsegSCE.verbally persistentSimsyumegseg23.3.1.6Determined4.3.1.5Patient
verified s.th as true, s.o.pigmatinawVs.o. verified s.th as true
veryta-ota.ʔoadv.mod.really; veryto-o 2to.ʔodial. var.ta‑ovb.auxvery
very long time agokadengankadɜŋanadv.timeancient time; very long time ago
very slow in doing something, s.o. ismalumbanatcfmalumbanatmalumbanatmaya-maya'tagitu'Vs.o. is very slow in doing somethingSaid about someone’s speech, or someone’s walking.
vibration (as when wind blows on house), smallkeyengkeyengkɜyɜŋkɜyɜŋSCE.small vibration (as when wind blows on house)
victim, abalinsugu'ba.lin.ˈsu.guʔNa victimSaid of two good friends who have a disagreement and they end up killing each other.
victimized by theftkatakawanVbe a victim of theft
victimized in an ambush, wasbyangananVwas victimized in an ambush
victory over s.o., hadpigdegdɜɜgVhad victory over s.o.Can apply to a contest, game, a fight, a battle, or a war.
victory over s.o., will havedegendɜɜgVwill have victory over s.o.
view (seen from high point), have a pleasantmalantaw2lantawvb.stathave a pleasant view (seen from high point)
view, be blocked fromkyasalibenan2vb.statbe blocked from view2.3.1.5Visible
view, unobstructedpayagSCE.unobstructed viewder.mapayag
vigilant, belama1lamaSCE.be careful; be wary; vigilantder.maglamader.miglama2
village (small governmental unit)sitioNvillage (small governmental unit)
village, akabalayan1kabalayanNa village
village, smallbalyoSCE.small village
vine (generic)balagenba.ˈla.gɜnNvine (generic)Any kind of vine or vine-like that climbs up on other plants or trees or trails on the ground.1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
vinegarsuka'sukaʔNSuka' is vinegar.
violate cultural norms with unmarried girlpigkuttaw2kuttawVIf a young man pigkuttaw an unmarried girl, he is doing things with her that violate set cultural norms and includes anything from seeing her in secret to rape.
virginwala' ka-ilabeti na esegPhr.a virgin
Visayan speaking peopleBisayan.properVisayan speaking people
visible but present, notlilung1liluŋSCE.not visible but presentder.migpalilung2
visible but present, s.th. is notmigpalilung2liluŋVIf a supernatural being is migpalilung, it is not visible but present.
visible, justnyamayapayapaya.payaʔVjust visible to the eyeNyamayapaya ya lupa'.The ground is just visible.
visit another person, s.o. willmaglaba'2 2labaʔcfmaglaba'2mamanikVs.o. will visit another personIt’s purpose is visiting only. This compared to “mamanik” where there is a purpose involved, usually to collect a debt or stay until the host kicks you out.
visit for a long timemagmamanikVvisit for a long time
visit s.o. to borrow money, constantlybeyeng1bɜyɜŋSCE.constantly visit s.o. to borrow moneyder.beyengen1der.pigbeyeng2pigbeyeng2bɜyɜŋVconstantly visit s.o. to borrow money
visit s.o. to borrow money, will constantlybeyengen1bɜyɜŋVwill constantly visit s.o. to borrow money
visit, s.o. willlumaba'labaʔVs.o. will visit
visited, s.o.lyumaba'labaʔVs.o. visited
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