English - Tagakaulo


walking with arms swinging back and forthmagtablentablenVwalking with arms swinging back and forth7.1Posture
walks heavily and swiftly, s.o.lyumakat1lakatVs.o. walks heavily and swiftly
walldingdingdiŋ.diŋNA dingding is a wall primarily of a house or dwelling.
wall or fence, outside woodlansadlansadNoutside wood wall or fence
walling made from laya' bamboosinawali'cfsasalsinawali'Nwalling made from laya' bamboo
wallow in mudlunanglunaŋSCE.wallow in mud
wander aroundlegeblegeb1lɜgɜblɜgɜbcflegeblegeb1limbaylimbaypanawpanaw2SCE.wander aroundmiglegeblegeb2lɜgɜblɜgɜbVwander around
wander offmigpalleg2pallɜgVwander off; stray (said of an animal)palleg1pallɜgSCE.wander offder.migpalleg2
wander off course, caused tomagpasuwayVsomeone is caused to stray off course
wandering around in a terrritory or region, s.o. bekyalegebanVs.o. be wandering around in a terrritory or region
wanders around, s.o. habituallymaglegeblegebVs.o. habitually wanders around
wantkalimankalimanVdesire; wantkalimiVwant; desire
want it, I don’tya‑i lainterjI don’t want it
want more, willallupanVwill want more
want something that does not belong to youalupˈʔa.lupˈʔa.luɸSCE.covetSimkalimder.mag-alupder.pig-alupanunspec. comp. formwala' alupi
want to do, s.o. willmagkalimVs.o. will want to do
wanted somethingkyalimanVsomeone desired something
wants, s.o.malimvb.auxs.o. wantsMalim aku minem sa kapé.I would like to drink some coffee.
wardakula' na tanamdakulaʔ na tanamcfdakula' na tanamgidan.phr.A dakula' na tanam is a war or great battle.4.8.2Fight4.8.3WarpagtanamNbattle; war
war, agidagidacfdakula' na tanamgidaNa warYa gida asini muna to-o malug ya manga utaw.In the war long ago people found it very hard.A war usually in reference to the Japanese and American war (WW2).
warm themselves by a fire, s.o. willmanalangVs.o. will warm themselves by a fire
warming themselves by a firenyampanalangVpeople are warming themselves by a fire
warming themselves by a fire or source of heat, people are eachmigsipanalangVpeople are each warming themselves by a fire or source of heat
warming themselves by a source of heat, someone isnyanalangVsomeone is warming themselves by a source of heat
warmly, greetkabet1ˈka.bɜtRLkyumabet2SCE.greet warmlyder.kumabetder.magkabetay3der.pagkakabetay