English - Tagakaulo


water troughsalugsugsalugsugNA salugsug is a water trough usually made of a half of bamboo stick for directing water or an eave trough of a house.6.6.7Working with water
water, a surge ofdapla'daplaʔVprima surge of water
water, churned upmiglinung2linuŋVIf an animal or person miglinung in water, it is churning it up, agitating the water and creating ripples on the surface.Sigudu awun kasili' adti tubig kay +miglinung da.Perhaps there is an eel there in the water because the water is +churning +up.
water, dammed up flowingpiglameng2piglamɜŋVdammed up flowing waterPiglameng ku ya Maynit.I dammed up the Maynit river.
water, deepkalalem na tubigkalalɜm na tubign.phr.deep water1.3.1.1Ocean, lake
water, fast-rising or flowingmigba'migbaaʔVfast-rising or flowing waterFast-rising water in a stream during or after a rain storm; fastflowing water down a mountainside.
water, fine particles indallak 2dal.lakNfine dirt and vegetable matter in drinking water
water, flowingnyilig ya tubignyilig ya tubigv.phrflowing water1.3.2.1Flow
water, good tastingtubig na matabangtubig na matabaŋadj.Phr.good tasting water1.3.6Water quality
water, jet-sprayingnyigwad ya tubignyigwad ya tubigv.phrjet-spraying water1.3.2.1Flow
water, rushingbuntul1buntulSCE.rushing waterder.muntulder.nyuntul2der.pigbuntulander.pigpabuntulan
water, shallowkababawan na tubigkababawan na tubigadj.Phr.shallow water1.3.1.1Ocean, lake
water, shooting stream ofi'ʔiʔSCE.shooting stream of waterSaid of urine when a man pisses. Said also of a spring where shoots out from the side of a cliff.
water, small pool ofleg1lɜɜgNsmall pool of waterA leg is often the result of a landslide which dams up a normal water course. As water backs up behind it a small lake is formed.1.3.1Bodies of waterGeoggeographylinaw1linawNsmall pool of waterIt is either spring-fed or a wide, calm area of water on a stream or river., lake1.3.1Bodies of waterGeoggeographyder.kalinawder.malinaw
water, surface ofasini tas na tubigʔasini tas na tubign.phr.surface of water1.3.1.1Ocean, lake
water, swift flowingmasleg ya tubigmaslɜg ya tubign.phr.swift flowing water1.3.2.1Flow
waterbag, woman’sininumʔininumn.possda woman's waterbag of amniotic fluid that surrounds a unborn child organs
waterednyaka-inemVs.th. is watered; no longer thirsty
watered by a thin layer of water , benyigwadvb.statbe watered by a thin layer of water It is when a pool, spring, or river overflows its natural boundaries and covers the ground with a thin layer of water for a short time. It is not a flood.
watered s.th. with water, s.o.migtubigVs.o. watered s.th. with water
watered, s.th. istyubigantyubiganVs.th. is watered1.3.3Wet
watermelontambyayungtambyayuŋNwatermelon1.5.3.1garden food plants
watermelon plant and its fruittambiyayungtambiyayuŋNwatermelon plant and its fruit5.2Food5. from fruit1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
waterymasapinakmasapinakvb.statto be watery; squishy wetcan be said of one´s stools; of ground saturated by water1.3.3Wetsapinaksapinakvb.statwaterySaid of a person or animal's stoolder.masapinak
wavebaledˈba.lɜdNwave1.3.2.4Wavesay.matas to-o ya baledid.syalampawan ya baled
wave around in the air (such as clothing)beyabeya1bɜyabɜyaSCE.wave around in the air (such as clothing)der.pigbeyabeya2
wave s.th. around in the air (such as clothing)pigbeyabeya2bɜyabɜyaVwave s.th. around in the air (such as clothing)
wax honey combanila'ʔa.ˈni.laʔNpart of the wax honey comb containing bee larva and honey1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.7Insect
wayagi-anVway; path
way it is, thepalyada' 1palyadaʔNthe way it isYan ya palyada.That is the way things go. (you can't do anything about it.)
way of doing thingspa‑agiVone’s way of doing things; manner
way s.o. will goagiyanVway s.o. will go
way, have aka-agika.ʔagivb.stathave a way
waysagiyagiʔagiyagiVwaysOf doing thingscomp.maka-agiyagika‑agiVways
wekamikamiPro2p.ABS [we]9.2.3Pronounstadun 1ta.dunPro1p.ERG9.2.3Pronouns
we allnami2namiPro3p.ERG.inc.we-allnate' 1natɜʔProwe all
we twokitaki.ˈtaProwe9.2.3Pronounsta3 1.1Pro1d.ERG9.2.3Pronouns
weakmalasaw2lasawvb.statIf someone says that their coffee is malasaw, they are saying it is diluted with water and weak in flavor.
weak (not strong)peyapeya 2pɜyapɜyaSCE.weak (not strong)Said of things
weak, becomemagkalumay4lumayvb.statbecome weak9.1.1.2Become, change state2.5.1Sick2.4.2Weak2.5.2Disease
weak, emotionally or physicallypeyapeya 1pɜyapɜyaSCE.emotionally or physically weakSaid of people
weak, feelmalumay 1lumayvb.statIf someone says they are feeling malumay, they are probably feeling ill, tired, weak.2.5.1Sick2.4.2Weak2.4.4Tired2.5.2Disease
wealthy personmakabatug 2makabatugNA makabatug is one who has been able to aquire wealth and /or power.
weaponkiniskinisNThe kinis is any kind of offensive or defensive weapon., shoot
wear an ‘awaken’mangawakma.ˈŋa.wakVIf men or boys are wearing an awaken they are mangawak.5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothing
wear clothes, cause someone topigpasutVcause someone to wear clothes
wear linti from wrist to elbowsangkamusugsaŋkamusugVIf an woman is sangkamusug, she is wearing bronze linti bracelets covering her arm's from wrist to elbow.5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothing
wear protective coveringampas 2ˈʔam.pasÈ?am.ɸaswear protective coveringder.ampasay