English - Tagakaulo


wear s.th.mang- 1maŋAfx.wear s.th. der.mangkalumay
wears a dagmay skirt, s.o.mandagmayVs.o. wears a dagmay skirt
wears a suwat, s.o.manuwatVs.o. wears a suwat
wears balyeg necklass, s.o.mamalyegVs.o. wears balyeg necklass
wears face powder, s.o.mamulbusVs.o. wears face powder
wears lipstick or red lip coloring, s.o.mag-atal1Vs.o. wears lipstick or red lip coloring
wears something on their head, s.o. habituallymagtulungVs.o. habitually wears something on their head
weary of doing something, becomepakalumayenVbecome weary of doing somethingdili' mayu pakalumayen ya ginawa mayuyou do not become weary (lit. let your breath become weary)
weary, many people will becomemangkalumayVmany people will become weary
weatherlupa'3lu.paʔNweather1.3.1.5Island, shore1.1.3Weather
weather for field cutting, kind ofgagalas 2gagalasNGagalas is the time of year when the weather is rainy and cold--usually the months of Jan.-Mar.1.1.3Weather1.2.1Land
weather, bright, sunny day, free of cloudsmaliwawamaliwawavb.statsunny bright day, free of clouds1.1.3.2Cloud1.1.3WeatherMetmeteorology
weather, gloomydaklem1daklɜmvb.statIf a person says the weather is daklem, he is The presence of dark clouds overhead that are threatening to rain and making a gloomy day.
weather, goodmadyaw ya lupa'madyaw ya lupaʔn.phr.good weather1.1.3Weather
weather, severe drought due to lack of rainbayil̀ba.yilNsevere drought due to lack of rain1.3.3.1Dry1.1.3Weather1.1.3.8Drought
weave intoesesʔɜsɜsSCE.weave into
weave s.th.bekladenbɜkladɜnVweave s.th.
weblawalawaNany kind of web caused by spiders, other insects, or dust (cob).
wed (tribal), willmegket1Vwill wed (tribal)
wedding ceremonymag-egket2ʔɜg.kɜtNwedding ceremonyThis is a marriage between a young man and woman who neither have ever been married before.Simmig-ugnan2
wedding feast (traditional)pagpapasaluVwedding feast (traditional)
wedding, traditionalegket1ʔɜgkɜtSCE.traditional weddingder.egketender.mag-egket2der.mig-egket2der.migpa-egketder.nyegket2
wedge in rafters of one's housesanip2sanipSCE.wedge in rafters of one's houseder.pigsanip1
wedge s.th. in rafters of one’s housepigsanip1sanipVwedge s.th. in rafters of one’s house
weed by cutting rootsabwab 1.1primIf a person mag-abwab they will remove weeds from their garden or field by cutting the roots with a weeding instrument.Simgabut1
weed cutting instrumentsanggetsaŋgɜtNA sangget is a weed-cutting instrument with half circle shaped blade with cutting edge on inside and handle at side like a sickle.6.2Agriculture
weed, k.o.uli-uli'Nk.o. weedIt grows close to the ground, it has long (3 in) very, narrow leaves. At the top of the stem is a flower.
weed, variety ofantataba'ʔantatabaʔNvariety of weeda variety of weed. It has a browish-red flower and cottonlike seeds. The leaves are serrated. It stands about 1 meter high.
weeded, s.o.mig-abwabVs.o. weeded
weedermag-abwabaymag.ʔabwabayVA mag-abwabay is someone who weeds.
weeding instrumentabwabayʔab.ˈwa.baiNAn abwabay is any kind of weeding instrument.
weeds, removeabwab 1ˈʔab.wabSCE.remove weedsder.abwabayder.mag-abwabayder.mig-abwab
weedy placesmagaletmagalɜtn.concreteweedy places1.5Plant1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert
weeksimanasimanaadv.timeA simana is a week, that is, seven days.
weepasay1ʔasaiSCE.weep2.5.2.2Skin disease
weeps fluid, habituallymag-asay2ʔasaiVhabitually weeps fluid2.5.2.2Skin diseaseMedimedicine
weevilsumbudʔum.budNweevils that infest rice, flour, and other dry foods.
weigh downsagwal 1sag.walSCE.weigh down
weigh down s.th. (as a lever or balance)sagwal 2sag.walSCE.primweigh down something (as a lever or balance)
weigh on a scale-plural, topantimbangenVto weigh on a scale-plural
weigh the merits of a complainttandingSCE.weigh the merits of a complaintUsed in a judicial hearing.der.pagtandingder.pigtanding
weight, s.th.’skabegat2bɜ.ˈgatvb.statAn object's weight is its kabegat.
weighty mattersmabegat2vb.statweighty matters
well constructedtangen 1taŋɜnSCE.well-made; well constructedSaid of things
well nowNanaLkwell nowna1nainterjwell now
well-madetangen 1taŋɜnSCE.well-made; well constructedSaid of things
well-thought outtangen 2taŋɜnSCE.well-thought outsaid of ideas
weltsabedˈʔa.bɜdNIf a person has welts or wales on his skin he has abed usually the result of a beating or from scratches.2.5.3Injure7.9.1Damage