English - Tagakaulo


wavebaledˈba.lɜdNwave1.3.2.4Wavesay.matas to-o ya baledid.syalampawan ya baled
wave around in the air (such as clothing)beyabeya1bɜyabɜyaSCE.wave around in the air (such as clothing)der.pigbeyabeya2
wave s.th. around in the air (such as clothing)pigbeyabeya2bɜyabɜyaVwave s.th. around in the air (such as clothing)
wax honey combanila'ʔa.ˈni.laʔNpart of the wax honey comb containing bee larva and honey1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.7Insect
wayagi-anVway; path
way it is, thepalyada' 1palyadaʔNthe way it isYan ya palyada.That is the way things go. (you can't do anything about it.)
way of doing thingspa‑agiVone’s way of doing things; manner
way s.o. will goagiyanVway s.o. will go
way, have aka-agika.ʔagivb.stathave a way
waysagiyagiʔagiyagiVwaysOf doing thingscomp.maka-agiyagika‑agiVways
wekamikamiPro2p.ABS [we]9.2.3Pronounstadun 1ta.dunPro1p.ERG9.2.3Pronouns
we allnami2namiPro3p.ERG.inc.we-allnate' 1natɜʔProwe all
we twokitaki.ˈtaProwe9.2.3Pronounsta3 1.1Pro1d.ERG9.2.3Pronouns
weakmalasaw2lasawvb.statIf someone says that their coffee is malasaw, they are saying it is diluted with water and weak in flavor.
weak (not strong)peyapeya 2pɜyapɜyaSCE.weak (not strong)Said of things
weak, becomemagkalumay4lumayvb.statbecome weak9.1.1.2Become, change state2.5.1Sick2.4.2Weak2.5.2Disease
weak, emotionally or physicallypeyapeya 1pɜyapɜyaSCE.emotionally or physically weakSaid of people
weak, feelmalumay 1lumayvb.statIf someone says they are feeling malumay, they are probably feeling ill, tired, weak.2.5.1Sick2.4.2Weak2.4.4Tired2.5.2Disease
wealthy personmakabatug 2makabatugNA makabatug is one who has been able to aquire wealth and /or power.
weaponkiniskinisNThe kinis is any kind of offensive or defensive weapon., shoot
wear an ‘awaken’mangawakma.ˈŋa.wakVIf men or boys are wearing an awaken they are mangawak.5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothing
wear clothes, cause someone topigpasutVcause someone to wear clothes
wear linti from wrist to elbowsangkamusugsaŋkamusugVIf an woman is sangkamusug, she is wearing bronze linti bracelets covering her arm's from wrist to elbow.5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothing
wear protective coveringampas 2ˈʔam.pasÈ?am.ɸaswear protective coveringder.ampasay