English - Tagakaulo


will invite people to attend an important eventsabiyen2sa.bi.ˈɘnVwill invite people to attend an important event
will obey s.th.dalugun 2Vwill obey s.th.
will pass, willka-agi-anvb.statwill go; will pass
will transmit, willtumapun2tapunRLtyumapun1VIf a person has an contagious illness and it tyumapun, he has transmitted it to other people.2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease
wilted, benyalanesnyalanɜsvb.statbe wilted1.3.3.1Dry
wind abaka fiber into knots, willbukuwun3bukuVwill wind abaka fiber into knotsThese are loosely tied knots done for ease of transporting and to keep the fibers from becoming tangled.
wind aroundbedbed2bɜdbɜdSCE.wind aroundder.bedbedanander.bedbedender.pigbedbed3der.pigbedbedan
wind s.th. around s.th. else, willbedbedenVwill wind s.th. around s.th. else
wind, gusting, blowingtyumambel1tyumambɜlVblowing, gusting windTyumambel to-o ya mabandes na samet kumanggabi.The wind really blew gustily strong last night.
window of buildingtandawanan1tandawananNA tandawanan is a window.
window that swings out, makedadayanganVmake window that swings out
windpipe and/or esophagusbangalawangba.ŋa.la.ˈwaŋn.possdA n animal or person's windpipe and/or esophagus is called the bangalawang.2.1BodyAnatanatomy
wingpanidpa.nidn.possda wing of a bird1.6.2.1Parts of a birdder.panidan
winkpileng 1pilɜŋSCE.wink2.1.1.1Eye
wink one’s eyespileng 2pilɜŋVwink one’s eyes2.1.1.1Eye
winning one’s affection, process ofnalamenVprocess of winning one’s affection
wipe butt after defecation, s.th. used tobabanasba.ˈba.nasNIf a person said that he used babanas, he just used something like toilet paper, corn cobs, a stick, or some leaves to wipe his butt after defecating.
wipe offnyanggalisVwipe off2.2.4Mucus
wipe off with one wipegalis1galisSCE.wipe off (with one wipe)der.miggalis2der.nyanggalis
wipe out allapnasˈʔap.nasSCE.wipe out allder.apnasen2
wiped off s.th. (with one wipe), s.o.miggalis2galisVs.o. wiped off s.th. (with one wipe)
wisdomkatadeng 1katadɜŋn.masswisdom
wise concerning something (cmd), bemagpakatadengVwatch out! Be wise concerning something (cmd)Simmagpakatanaw
wishalimʔalimSCE.desire; wishder.kalimder.kalimander.malimder.pagkalimankalimkalimVdesire; wishSimalupder.kalimider.kyaliman
wishbonebadi-badi'ba.diʔ.ba.diʔn.possdThe badi-badi' is the wishbone of a chicken. of a bird
wishbone-shaped handle of a slingshot, thesanga2Nthe wishbone-shaped handle of a slingshot
wished to havekyalimanVsomeone desired something
wishespagkalimanpagkalimanNdesire / wishes
wishywashingduwaduwa ya anenganengduwaduwa ya anɜŋanɜŋn.phr.wishywashing; unstable
withna5namkr.caseby; with
with each other for a period of time, people to bemig-iyepedVpeople to be with each other for a period of timeMig-iyeped kami nyanaw.We walked /traveled together.Implies some measure of intimacy or closeness.
without expecting it that thing happenswala' imanmanawalaʔ imanmanav.phrIn no time at all
witnesssistigus1tistigusfr. var.sistigus2NA sistigus is a witness to some event or crime.4.7.5Trial2.3.1See4.7.5.5Witness, testifyLeglegalsistigus2Nwitness2.3.1See
wok or frying pankala'kalaʔNA kala' is a kind of wok or frying pan usually made of aluminum and has a rounded bottom.
womanka͡ubayan1 1kaubayanNA ka͡™ubayan is generic for any woman. id.matinaw na ka͡ubayander.pangubayanen
woman who never birthed a childbeyes3bɜyɜsNa woman who never birthed a child
woman, marriedka͡ubayan1 2kaubayann.possdA man's ka™ubayan is his wife. by marriage1.6.7Male and female animals2.6.5.2Woman2.6.1.4Divorce2.6.1Marriageid.matinaw na ka͡ubayander.pangubayanenubay 1ˈʔu.bayVmarried woman4.1Relationships4.1.9.2Related by marriage1.6.7Male and female animals9.6Connected with, related͡ubayan1
woman, oldbuyag2buyagNold womanA term of respect.der.magkabuyagder.migkabuyag
woman, old unmarriedulayʔulayNAn ulay is an old unmarried woman., not new2.6.5.2Woman
woman, older and unmarriedkadalaga͡ankadalaga͡anNolder and unmarried womanSaid of a woman
woman, perfectmatinaw na ka͡ubayanmatinaw na ka͡ubayann.phr.A matinaw na ka͡ubayan is a man's idea of a perfect woman who has good character, is a good cook and has many domestic skills, is a hard worker, and in most cases beautiful.1.6.7Male and female animals4.3.1.2Meet a standard2.6.5.2Woman
woman, s.o. becomes an oldmigkabuyagbuyagVs.o. becomes an old woman
woman, to a youngerdé'dɜʔt.o.addrIf a young woman or girl is being addressed by a man or woman, a person will address her as kay De'.
woman, young unmarrieddalagadalagaNA dalaga is a young woman but not necessarily a virgin.der.kadalaga͡ander.magdalaga
won one's affectionpignalam2pig.na.lamVwon one's affection
wonderful to look atmakameyameyaVsomething that is wonderful to look at
woodkawuy2kauyNwood6.2.5.4Plant product6.5.3Building materialsder.mangawuy3