English - Tagakaulo


weed by cutting rootsabwab 1.1primIf a person mag-abwab they will remove weeds from their garden or field by cutting the roots with a weeding instrument.Simgabut1
weed cutting instrumentsanggetsaŋgɜtNA sangget is a weed-cutting instrument with half circle shaped blade with cutting edge on inside and handle at side like a sickle.6.2Agriculture
weed, k.o.uli-uli'Nk.o. weedIt grows close to the ground, it has long (3 in) very, narrow leaves. At the top of the stem is a flower.
weed, variety ofantataba'ʔantatabaʔNvariety of weeda variety of weed. It has a browish-red flower and cottonlike seeds. The leaves are serrated. It stands about 1 meter high.
weeded, s.o.mig-abwabVs.o. weeded
weedermag-abwabaymag.ʔabwabayVA mag-abwabay is someone who weeds.
weeding instrumentabwabayʔab.ˈwa.baiNAn abwabay is any kind of weeding instrument.
weeds, removeabwab 1ˈʔab.wabSCE.remove weedsder.abwabayder.mag-abwabayder.mig-abwab
weedy placesmagaletmagalɜtn.concreteweedy places1.5Plant1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert
weeksimanasimanaadv.timeA simana is a week, that is, seven days.
weepasay1ʔasaiSCE.weep2.5.2.2Skin disease
weeps fluid, habituallymag-asay2ʔasaiVhabitually weeps fluid2.5.2.2Skin diseaseMedimedicine
weevilsumbudʔum.budNweevils that infest rice, flour, and other dry foods.
weigh downsagwal 1sag.walSCE.weigh down
weigh down s.th. (as a lever or balance)sagwal 2sag.walSCE.primweigh down something (as a lever or balance)
weigh on a scale-plural, topantimbangenVto weigh on a scale-plural
weigh the merits of a complainttandingSCE.weigh the merits of a complaintUsed in a judicial hearing.der.pagtandingder.pigtanding
weight, s.th.’skabegat2bɜ.ˈgatvb.statAn object's weight is its kabegat.
weighty mattersmabegat2vb.statweighty matters
well constructedtangen 1taŋɜnSCE.well-made; well constructedSaid of things
well nowNanaLkwell nowna1nainterjwell now
well-madetangen 1taŋɜnSCE.well-made; well constructedSaid of things
well-thought outtangen 2taŋɜnSCE.well-thought outsaid of ideas
weltsabedˈʔa.bɜdNIf a person has welts or wales on his skin he has abed usually the result of a beating or from scratches.2.5.3Injure7.9.1Damage