English - Tagakaulo


went againstsyumungsung 1suŋsuŋVwent againstSaid of moving against the normal flow of the wind, current of water where there is constant pressure
went against a strong currentpiglanglangVwent against a strong currentSaid of someone who is walking through water that rapidly moving.
went around /by passed, s.o.nyaliwesVs.o. went around /by passed
went directly somewhere for lodgingbyantuk1bantukVwent directly somewhere for lodging
went first, s.o. or s.th.nyuna2ʔunaVs.o. or s.th. went first
went into shockpig-alipetengan2ʔalipɜtɜŋVIf a person has pig-alipetengan, they have gone into shock.
went out, s.o. or s.th.lyumuwa'2lyu.mu.waʔVs.o. or s.th. went out
went over the other side, s.o.nyabaluy1Vs.o. went over the other side
went to some place on purposepigkadtuwan 2Vwent to some place on purpose
went to, s.o.nyadtunyaad.tuVs.o. went to+Nyadtu kagabi ya ise' ni alug.The child +went +to the river yesterday.
went towards (a certain direction), s.o. or s.th.syuminanVs.o. or s.th. went towards (a certain direction)
westsallep 1sal.lɜpSCE.westder.sumallepneg.ex.phrwala' sallepsallepansallɜpanadv.dir.The sun sets adti sallepan, that is, it sets in the west.
wet, bemabasa' 1ma.ba.ˈsaʔvb.statbe wet1.3.3Wet
wet, becamemigkabasa'4̀mig.ka.ba.ˈsaʔvb.statbecame wet9.1.1.2Become, change state1.3.3Wet
wet, feelmabasa' 2ma.ba.ˈsaʔvb.statfeel wet2.3.5Sense of touch1.3.3Wet
wet, s.o. isnyabasa'3̀nʸa.ba.ˈsaʔvb.stats.o. is wetThat was not wet normally.
we-twota2 1tawe-two9.2.3Pronouns
whatunu1ʔunupron.interrogwhatsay.dili' maka-unucomp.pangkay unuder.pig-unuder.pig-unu2contr.sangunuder.ununwalanwalanpron.interrogwhat9.2.3.4Question wordscontr.wanwanwanpron.interrogwhat9.2.3.4Question words
what became of?kyanuwan2kyaa.nuanvb.statwhat became of?Kyanuwan ya bekten mu?What ever became of your arm?Used in the context of a recent event such as someone getting sick and going to the hospital, or someone falling from a coconut plant and breaking a leg. When asking about someone in general, “manu?” is used instead. words
what do you call itkwanProwhat do you call it
What happened?nyanu yan?v.phrWhat happened?
what is said to call a catku, ku, ku, kuPhr.what is said to call a cat
what is the state of?manumanupron.interrogwhat is the state of?