English - Tagakaulo


wad up s t in one's handkeme' 2.2If someone pigkeme' a piece of paper, they have wadded it in their hand.7.7.4Press
wade in watertyala'Vwade in water
wage, monthlybulan3bulanNfigmonthly wage
waist, one’sawak 1ʔa.wakn.possdthe narrow part of one’s body just above the hips called the waist2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomyder.mangawakder.mating-awakder.pigpangawak
waittagad1 1tagadSCE.waitder.pagtagadder.tumagad1tumagad1ta.gadRLtyumagadVwait, remain
wait [command]tagad1 2tagadVwait [command]der.pagtagadder.tumagad1
wait for s.th. or s.o., s.o. willtumagad3RLtumagad2Vs.o. will wait for s.th. or s.o.
wait, s.o. willtumagad2Vs.o. will wait
waited, s.o.tyumagadVs.o. waited
waiting, thepagtagadVthe waiting
walesabedˈʔa.bɜdNIf a person has welts or wales on his skin he has abed usually the result of a beating or from scratches.2.5.3Injure7.9.1Damage
walk abreast in a groupmagtekap2tɜkapVwalk abreast in a groupMagtekap silan manaw sa manga karniro.They were walking in the midst and guiding the sheep.
walk along the side of a hill, s.o. willgumalabRLgyumalabVs.o. will walk along the side of a hill
walk around, did notwala' pakalimbayPhr.did not walk around
walk bowlegged, habituallymagsakangsakang2sakaŋsakaŋVIf a person magsakangsakang, they walk bowlegged. defect7.2.1.1Walk
walk heavily and swiftly, s.o. willlumakat2lakatRLlyumakat1Vs.o. will walk heavily and swiftly
walk heavylakat1lakatSCE.walk heavyunspec. comp. formlakatlakatder.lumakat2
walk in single filegiyudgiyudSCE.walk in single file
walk on all foursmagtuwadtuwadVa person to walk on both hands and feet (but not knees)7.1Posture
walk or move in single file line, caused topigpaketlegVpeople are caused to walk or move in single file line
walk or travel upstreamsuba'subaʔSCE.walk or travel upstream1.3.1.3River7.2.4Travelder.sumuba'
walk outsidelimbaySCE.walk outsideneg.ex.phrwala' pakalimbay
walk squatted down (as if to hide)mangkubububu 1maŋ.ˈku.bu.ˈbu.buVwalk squatted down (as if to hide)7.1Posture
walk with hands and feet (but not on knees)tuwadtuwadSCE.walk with hands and feet (but not on knees)7.1Postureder.magtuwadtuwad