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yam, ubiubiʔubiNubi yamDioscorea alata5.2Food1.5.3.1garden food plants1.5.3.4edible rootsBotbotany
yank or twist earbignat1bignatSCE.yank or twist earder.bignaten2
yard surrounding housepamanag 1pamanagNThe pamanag of a house is the surrounding yard.
yawnlabgab1labgabNa yawn What someone does when they are tired or bored2.1.1.4Mouthder.nyalabgab2
yawned, s.o.nyalabgab2labgabVs.o. yawned
yawsbakukang1 1ba.ˈku.kaŋNIf a person says he has bakukang he has primary yaws. disease2.5.1Sick2.5.2DiseaseMedimedicineder.magbakukang
yaws, crabgangi' 1gaŋiʔNcrab yaws2.5.2.2Skin disease
yaws, havemagbakukangba.ˈku.kaŋVhave yaws2.5.2.2Skin disease
yaws, stage of the skin diseasesigaysigayNstage of the skin disease yaws2.5.2.2Skin disease2.5.2DiseaseMedimedicine
yearumay2ʔumayadv.timeUmay is a year.8.4.1Period of timecomp.tulungka͡umay
year, in anotherpagkasambuk na umayv.phrin another year
years, threetulungka͡umayn.phr.three years
yeastbubulbubulNBubul is a kind of indigenously grown yeast.Used for making ingasi.
yell of rage by many people, collective or unifiednyamangsagVcollective yell of rage by many people
yellow, s.th. becamemigkalalag2lalagvb.stats.th. became yellow9.1.1.2Become, change state8.3.3.3Color
yellow, s.th. is perceived as the colormalalag2ma.la.ˈlagvb.statIf something is malalag, it is yellowish in its color.
yellow-breasted.sunbirdmanepsepayma.nɜp.sɜ.paiNa yellow-breasted sunbird It is small in size and has a long, narrow beak for drawing out nectar from flowers. BirdIts song is a long “Chee-wee-e-e-et” and is often followed by other beautiful whistling songs. (Rabor:192)Nectarinia jugularis jugularis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
yesa-aʔa.ʔainterjyese-eʔɜ.ʔɜdial. var.a-amkr.If a person says e-e to something, he is saying yes.
yesterdaykagabikagabiadv.timeIf something happened kagabi, it occurred yesterday., today, tomorrow
yesterday eveningkagabi na gabikagabi na gabiadj.Phr.Kagabi na gabi is yesterday evening. of the day8., today, tomorrow
yetpapamkr.asp.Asp:CONT9.2.6Particles9.4.1.2Aspect--dynamic verbs
youkamuka.ˈmuPro2p.ABS [you]9.2.3Pronounsmu1muProyou9.2.3Pronouns
you saytingeg1tiŋɜgn.commyou say
you-pluralmayu2Pro2p.ERG [you-pl]
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