Tagakaulo - English


-a2SCE. > Vsfxcommand
a-SCE. > Vsfx-Poss state9.2.9.3Derivational affixes
a2nacontr. ofna3Lklig
-a1SCE. > VsfxStat:IRR/Asp:Neu./Dir:> affixes
a-ʔaAfx. > Sta.pfx-poss
a beg aʔa bɜg asay. ofbegprim
a-aʔa.ʔadial. var. ofe-e
aadiʔa͡a.dider. ofadispatl.deitic exist here (close by)
aadtu2ˈʔa͡ad.tuder. ofadtu1therethereVIf a person will madtu somewhere, he will travel over there and beyond the sight of hearer and speaker.Dili' kaw madtu.Don't go over-there.7.2Move
aadtu iˈʔaad.tu ʔiid. ofadtu nithere + LOCspatl.deitic exists over there (pointing in the direction of)Usually said accompanied by pointing with one’s pursed lips.
aagadʔa͡a.gadder. ofagad1vb.stataccompany (cmd)Aagad kamu kanaken adti simbahan kunallaw.You go with/accompany me to church tomorrow.Command
abaʔa.ˈba1n.possdThe chest area of any human or animal1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile2.1.2Torso1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalAnatanatomy2Nsecunderside of a boat
abaga1ʔa.ˈba.gan.possd1a person’s shoulder2.1.2Torso2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy2animal’s shoulders (front legs)1.6.2Parts of an animal
abak1ˈʔa.bakSCE.hide inside s.th.der.abakenwill hide inside s.th.pig-abak2When you abaken something you will hide it inside your waistband
abakaˈʔa.ba.kaNManila hemp plantAbaca plant is a treelike herb whose leaves and stalks resemble that of the banana plant. Musa textilis1.5.3.6bananas6.2AgricultureBotbotany
abakender. ofabak1Vwill hide inside s.th.Abaken ku ya kuwalta ku.I will hide the money inside my waistband. AT
abas1ˈʔa.basn.possdprimskin condition causing rashUsually as soreness in the creases of a babys throat or in the groin of an adult. possible caused by a fungus infection.Medimedicineder.mag-abas2Mag-abas is to be afflicted with a skin condition which produces a rash or redness.
abay1ʔaa.baiSCE.continue onder.abayen3When a person abayen they will continue doing something.mag-abay1When someone will mag-abay they will continue to do something.pag-abaycontinuepig-abaycontinued onid.abaya laA person will say abaya if they are encouraging or egging someone to continue on.
abay2ˈʔa.bayproto form: SEM;

proto form: *abay
SCE.be abreast ofder.mag-abay2have a racing contestmig-abay3When someone mig-abay they pull even with them such as in a contest.
abayaVgo ahead; continueSimpigdelegder. ofdeleg2
abaya laʔaa.ba.ya laabay + -a See MSK: ábaya daid. ofabay1v.phrA person will say abaya if they are encouraging or egging someone to continue on.
abayen3ʔa.ˈba.yɜnder. ofabay1VWhen a person abayen they will continue doing something.Abayen ta ya pigbalawbalaw ta kumanggabi.Let's continue with what we talking about last night.Abayen da ku ya mangumpay sa kuda'.I will continue now with getting fodder for the horse.
abdesˈʔab.dɜsSCE.pregnant2.6.3.1Pregnancy2.6.5.2Womander.kabdes2be pregnantmabdesIf a woman is mabdes she is in the continuing state of being pregnant.nyabdess.o. is pregnant
abedˈʔa.bɜdNIf a person has welts or wales on his skin he has abed usually the result of a beating or from scratches.2.5.3Injure7.9.1Damage