Tagakaulo - English


allat1ʔallatSCE.pityder.kallatcompassionmercygracepitymallat2shown mercy
allawˈʔal.lauN1primday2sectimecomp.allaw-allawevery daysangka͡allawtwo days from nowtulungallawthree dayscontr.sangallawone dayder.kya-allawananbecame daymallawwill be daypagka-allawununone hour before sunrisepagkaka͡allawununwhen it became early dawnpagkapaka͡allawununwhen it became daybreakpaka͡allawununearly dawnid.allaw na pagsimbaday of worshiptumaklis ya segaafternoon; 1 pm
allaw na pagsimbaid. ofsimbapagsimbader. ofsimbaallawn.phr.day of worship
allaw-allawʔˈal.la.ˈwal.laucomp. ofallawAdvevery day
allawununʔallawununVprocess of becoming day
allek1ˈʔal.lɜk1SCE.Fear2vb.emotfrighten; scareder.mag-allek2When a person mag-allek another person he will frighten them.magkallek2Afraidmallekwill be afraid of somethingmigkallek2If a person is migka-allek he has become afraid of something.nyallek2When a person is nyallek she is afraid of something.
allitˈʔal.litNAn allit is was a small clay cooking pot.Simkulunpalaliban6.7.7Container
allu-un2ˈʔal.luder. ofallu'1Vwill smooth out s.th.Allu-un ku ya abul.I will smooth out the blanket.
allu'1ˈʔal.luSCE.smoothSimpig-illu'2der. ofillu'1der.allu-un2will smooth out s.th.kallu'smoothenessmallu'If something is said to be mallu', it is smooth to the touch such as a newly polished table, or a woman’s hair.
allupSCE.obsession to acquireder.allupanwill want more
allupander. ofallupVwill want more
aluˈʔa.luNThe pole or pestle for pounding rice is an alu.
alu'1ʔaluʔSCE.smell decayed2.3.4Smellder.kalu'2decomposemagkalu'become rotten smellingmalu'If an animal has died and is malu' it is decaying and smells rotten.
alug2ʔalugSCE.difficultder.kakaluganhardshipmagkalug3If a task is magkalug it has become difficult to do.malug3If something is malug it is hard or difficult to do.
alug1ʔa.lugNsmall streamAny small stream, creek, or rivulet of flowing water. of waterGeoggeographyid.baka' na alugsource of stream
alulun1ʔa.ˈlu.lunSCE.congregateder.alulunancongregating together atmig-alulun2When flies gather on the bodies of animals especially water buffalo, horses, and pigs they mig-alulun.
alulunanʔa.ˈlu.lunder. ofalulun1Vcongregating together atAlulunan na tigasaw ya sukal.The tigasaw ants are congregating at the sugar.
alumalumʔalumalumNKind of hardwood tree. It looks like a gemelina but with different flowers.1.5.1TreeBotbotany
alumingʔa.lu.ˈmiŋNmoldder.alumingens.th. will get moldy
alumingender. ofalumingVs.th. will get moldy
alung2ʔa.luŋn.possdcompanion spiritOne's companion spirit who will accompany you through one's life.
alung1ʔa.luŋN1shadow1.1.1Sun2one’s companion spirit3imageAny 2 dimensional image on a coin, in a photograph, on a sign, or reflection in a mirror or pool of water., mirrorder.pa͡alungananA pa͡alunganan is a mirror or any kind of image reflecting device.
alupˈʔa.lupˈʔa.luɸSCE.covetSimkalimder. ofalimder.mag-alupwill be in chargepig-alupancoveted s.th.unspec. comp. formwala' alupis.o. did not covet
alupagʔalupagNkind of large hardwood treeA kind of hardwood tree whose roots are used for making suwat combs, mirror handles, and pestles for pounding rice. The wood is red in color.1.5.1Tree
aluplupSCE.slurpder.mag-aluplupIf someone is magaluplup, they are slurping something liquid such as soup.sound of slurping