Tagakaulo - English


amengVseparate s.th. from s.th. else Simelet 1der.amenganyaka-ameng
amengader. ofamengVAbus da amenga. Kun ameng sa kamis... dili' atag ya tagtun...Not able to get something. If ?? ..it will not be given to the owner.
amilˈʔa.milNa kind of small black biting ant.
amindangʔamindaŋNKind of tree.1.5.1TreeBotbotany
amiyanʔamiyanNa variety of upland rice.1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
ampang1ʔampaŋRLkya-ampangan2SCE.Of people:der.ampanganwill oppose s.o.’s belief or teachingpig-ampang2oppose anotherpig-ampangans.o. is hindered from doing s.th.
ampangander. ofampang1Vwill oppose s.o.’s belief or teaching
ampasˈʔam.pasÈ?am.ɸas1SCE.block; protect2wear protective coveringder.ampasayprotective covering
ampasayʔam.ˈpa.sai?am.ɸa.saider. ofampasNprotective covering
ampisʔam.pisn.possda tail fin of any kind of fish1.6.2.3Parts of a fish1.6.1.5FishZoolzoologyAnatanatomy
amuNboss; employer
amul1ˈʔa.mulSCE.dissolve by suckingder.amulen2If a person amulen a piece of candy she will suck on it until it is dissolved.
amulen2ˈʔa.mulder. ofamul1VIf a person amulen a piece of candy she will suck on it until it is dissolved.
amut1ˈʔa.mut1SCE.Give a donationUsually for some cause.2Collect a donationder.mig-amut2s.o. gave a donationmigpa-amut2If a person migpa-amut he is collecting a donation for some cause, such as a school, church, a death, or a emergency hospital bill.
-an1ʔanSCE. > VsfxLOC9.2.9.3Derivational affixes
anʔaninf. var. ofawūn
-an-SCE. > VifxPlural
-an2SCE. > Vsfxubd stem[loc]
aN-Afx. > VpfxPL
anaˈʔanainf. var. ofananga'
anagˈʔa.nagVseason foodder.anaganseason s.th. (cooking food)--cmdanagayIf a person uses anagay on their food he is using a seasoning such as soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic, etc.
anagander. ofanagVseason s.th. (cooking food)--cmdAnagan mu ya utan.You season the viand.
anagasiʔanagasiNkind of tree.1.5.1TreeBotbotany