Tagakaulo - English


ayawider. ofayaw1V1leave it behind (cmd)2abandon it (cmd)
ayepʔa.yɜpNdomesticated animalA person’s ayep is his livestock, pets, or any other kind of domestic animal. Specbakaidu'karniro1.6.1Types of animalsZoolzoologyder.ka-ayepana group of common livestock
ayep-ayepʔa.yɜp.ʔa.yɜpNA child's ayep-ayep is his toy animal that his plays with.
ayilˈʔa.yil1SCE.argue; quarrel3. quarrelsder.ayilanwill argue about s.th.pig-ayilanthe thing one argues about
ayil‑ayilʔayilʔayilSCE.argue verbally3.
ayilander. ofayilVwill argue about s.th.
ayin2ʔa͡inpron.interrogwhich9.2.3.4Question wordsid.ayin apitwhere or in which direction is s.th.
ayin1ʔa͡inpron.interrogwhere? wordscomp.pangkay ayinwhereverid.ayin tamanhow farsay.taga ayinwhere from (are you)
ayin apitid. ofapit4ayin2Phr.where or in which direction is s.th. words
ayin tamanʔa͡in ta.ˈmanid. ofayin1Phr.how far9.2.3.4Question words
ayu'ˈʔa.yuʔSCE.request; beg; plead3.5.1.5Askder.manginayu'will beseech; will humbly request; begnyanginayu's.o. pleads with
ayubaʔa.ˈyu.baNcorn silk of maize1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany
ayun1ˈʔa.yunSCE.stay overnight7.2.7.2Stay, remainder.ayunun2stay overnight with s.o.
ayunun2ˈʔa.yunder. ofayun1Vstay overnight with s.o., remain5.9Live, stay