Tagakaulo - English


agbel1ʔag.bɜlSCE.toss or throw awaySimpigbutonander. ofbutonsalabelan27.3.1.1Throwder.agbelanthrow away s.th. (cmd)agbelanana dumping placemag-agbel-agbelaywill throw stuff at each otherpig-agbel2tossed or threw away somethingpig‑agbelthrow something over or down
agbelander. ofagbel1-an1Vthrow away s.th. (cmd)
agbelanander. ofagbel1Na dumping place
agbetSCE.SCEder.agbetenarouse to action; provoke; challengemake a spouse jealous
agbetender. ofagbetV1arouse to action; provoke; challengeunu ya kaliman mayu, agbeten tadun ka' ya pagpangadaway na Pangulu tadun na un kitadun nan pa-emel-emelen?What in your desire, will we provoke the jealousy of our Master so that he can punish us?In Sta. Maria: agiten from Cebuano hagitSimdegdeg1tugbuk12make a spouse jealous
agdan1ˈʔag.danNprimThe agdan of house is the stairway.Simbalakat6.5.2Parts of a buildingArchitarchitectureder.mag-agdan2When someone mag-agdan they are constructing a stairway.
agdang1ˈʔag.daŋSCE.dry; lacking moisture1.3.3.1Dryder.kagdang3If something is not yet kagdang, it is not yet dry.kagdangWhen a woman is said to be kagdang, she is no longer having her periods.kagdanganandry landmagdang2If something is magdang, it contains no more moisture.magdang1If something is nyagdang, it feels dry, no longer wet. magkagdang4If something is magkagdang it is becoming dry.nyakagdangbecame dry
agele'ʔa.ˈgɜ.lɜʔSCE.1low-pitched droanSound made by large flying insects such as bees, hornets, and wasps. of sounds2people’s moaning2.3.2.3Types of sounds
agenʔagɜnconjlike; similarSimliwan2minsiling1
ageng1ˈʔa.gɜŋNa snoring sound that happens when someone breathes through their mouth while lying on their back.2.2.1Breathe, breathder.mag-ageng2When some mag-ageng they are snoring in their sleep.nyageng2low hum of machinery such as a generator
agi2ˈʔa.giRLkya‑agiyan1Vpass throughder.ka‑agiyan2fate; the way one must go in lifemag-agiWhen someone mag-agi they will pass by a place.maka-agi3When something or someone will maka-agi they will pass through such as through a doorway.for a fleeting moment; short timenyagi3When something nyagi it passed through the middle.nyaka‑agiIf time nyaka-agi it has passed by.pa-agiyen3When a person pa-agiyen they will allow somebody to pass through such as a doorway or gate.pig-agiyanpassed through s.wh. on the way s.wh. elseunspec. comp. formkya‑agiyan2place where something passed through
agi3SCE.manner; method of doing thingsder.pa‑agione’s way of doing things; manner
agi1ˈʔa.giSCE.pass byder.agiyagiwaysagiyananAn agi-anan is any passageway; doorway; or any opening which allows the passing through of some object.ka-agihave a way
agi-anVway; path
agikik, agikitʔa.ˈgi.kikn.comm An agikit is a kind of plant whose leaves are used to flavor rice.A plant whose large, long leaves (50 cm) are used to wrap rice when making lulub, a Tagakaulo rice specialty cooked in a tube of tungkayan or laya' bamboo.
agikitʔagikitN1.5.2Bush, shrub
agimitʔa.gi.mitNa variety of large hardwood tree. It is recognized by the strings of red berries the hang down on long strings. It is a favorite berry of the limukun bird.1.5.1TreeBotbotany
agipuʔa.ˈgi.pu?a.Ègi.�uhNAn agipu is a small burning stick carried from one house to the next used to start a kitchen cooking fire.Simalimendan1
agit1ʔagitSCE.desire to rebelder.nyagit2desire to rebel
agiyagiʔagiyagider. ofagi1VwaysOf doing thingscomp.maka-agiyagiable to pass for only a short time
agiyanVway s.o. will go
agiyananʔa.ˈgia.nander. ofagi1NAn agi-anan is any passageway; doorway; or any opening which allows the passing through of some object.6.5.2Parts of a building
agnek1ʔagnɜkSCE.tame1.6.6Animal groupder.magnek2a chicken that stay close to homemagnek1If an animal is said to be magnek, it is tame and will stay close to or inside a house and are not afraid of people.pig-agnekan2tamed s.th
agpetˈʔag.pɜtvb.auxFor something or someone to be almost or nearly done with some task.
agpu'1ʔagpuʔvb.statsnap offder.nya-agpu'2If something nyakagpu', it snapped in-two or broke off from something else.