Tagakaulo - English


alimbawaconjfor example
alimbelenganʔa.lim.bɜ.lɜ.ŋanNvortex; swirling actionCan refer to a tornado, whirlpool, or dustdevil1.1.3.5Storm1.3.2.1Flow1.1.3.1Wind
alimendan1ʔa.li.ˈmɜn.danNAn alimendan is a long fire starting stick.Simagipuder.mig-alimendan2When a person mig-alimendan some burning coals they have kept them hot.pag-alimendankeep hot the coals
alimpulusN1tornado; malstrom; whirlpoolSaid of weather; to spin.Simalimbalengan2cowlick of a boy’s hair
alin1ˈʔa.linSCE.transferder.alinatransfer s.o. s.wh. (cmd)alinenwill transfer s.th. to s.th. elsewill tranfer s.o. to some other placemag-alin2s.o. will move s.th. to another locationmag-alins.o. will transfermig-alin2s.o. transferedmig-alin-alin2When people mig-alin-alin they constantly transfer from one location to another and to another, and so on. mig-alin-alin2always changing shadows
alin-alinʔˈa.li.ˈna.linSCE.always transferringOf people
alinader. ofalin1Vtransfer s.o. s.wh. (cmd)
alinde'1ʔa.ˈlin.dɜʔSCE.let upder.malinde'2If a rain storm malinde' it will let up, i.e. diminish in intensity.
alinender. ofalin1V1will transfer s.th. to s.th. else2will tranfer s.o. to some other place
alintuwadNgenerations of family
alipeteng1ʔalipɜtɜŋSCE.go into shockder.pig-alipetengan2If a person has pig-alipetengan, they have gone into shock.
alipipʔa.ˈli.pip1n.possda shoulder blade2.1.6Bone, joint2Nhip or shoulder (if four-footed animal)der.mag-alipipto have shoulder blade similar to another animal.
alit1ˈʔa.litSCE.pointed by sharpeningder.alitan2make it pointed
alitan2ˈʔa.litder. ofalit1Vmake it pointed
aliwesSCE.bypassSimmigkulalyasder. ofkulalyasder.nyaliwess.o. went around /by passedpig‑aliwespurposefully bypassed s.o. or s.th.
aliwus1ʔa.ˈli.wusSCE.avoid by going aroundder.aliwusungoing around to avoidpig-aliwus2go around something to avoid it
aliwusunder. ofaliwus1Vgoing around to avoid
aliyenVto fell in one directionSimpila1
alkabalaNcustoms tax
allad1ˈʔal.ladSCE.guide; leadder.alladanwill lead or guide s.o. s.wh.alladiguide me s.wh. mig-allad2If a person mag-allad you they will guide to a location by going with you.pig-alladan2When a person is pig-alladan he is being guided or was guided by someone else who is with him.
alladander. ofallad1Vwill lead or guide s.o. s.wh.
alladider. ofallad1Vguide me s.wh.
allaliga'ʔallaligaʔNKamantigue plantA medicinal ornamental flowering plant. It stands about 30-60 cm. high and bears pink, white, purple, yellow, and red flowers. The flower is distinguishable by the long, slender spur.Balsaminaceae: Impatiens balsamina
allang1ˈʔal.laŋNIf a person is an allang he is a slave to someone. enslave s.o.magka-allang2If a person is magka-allang, they have become a slave.magpa-allangs.o. will allow themselves to be slaves to someonepig-allangenslaved s.o.pig-allangan2When a person is pig-allang he has been enslaved.
allangender. ofallang1Vwill enslave s.o.