Tagakaulo - English



ba-ulanba.ˈʔu.lancfgebanginumayanunspec. comp. form ofumay1pawa'Na plowed field6.2.9Farmland
ba-usanba.ʔu.sanNA ba-usan is a bundle of meat such as wild pig or deer wrapped in a banana leaf and is tied together. storage
ba'baaʔN1flood with swift current1.1.3.7Flood1.3.1.3River1.1.3.3Rain2fast-rising or flowing waterder.magba'areas floodsmigba'fast-rising or flowing waterid.dakula' ya ba'high flood level (with strong rush of water)neg.ex.phrwala' pagba'did not flood (raging)
baaybaaycfklutNkind of root plantBaay is the root of a kind of vine which grows in the wild and is processed for food when there is absolutely nothing else to eat. In it’s raw form it is very toxic because of it’s high levels of cyanide, therefore it must be soaked and rinsed repeatedly over a period of a week to remove the juices. Then the remains are dried and make into a flour.Simklut1.5.3.4edible roots
babababaSCE.carry on back7.3.1Carryder.baba͡en2carry s.th. or s.o. on one’s backmagbabas.o. habitually carries s.th. on their back
baba'ba.ˈbaʔadv.dir.If someone or something is adti baba' it is located downhill below one's present location.Oppbitay8.
baba͡en2ba.ˈba͡ender. ofbabaVcarry s.th. or s.o. on one’s backBaba͡en ku ya batad.I will carry the corn on my back.7.3.1Carry
babagilanbabagilanNIf a farmer or carpenter wants to sharpen their tools they will use a babagilan.6.7Tool
babakelcftambabakelN1one’s thumb2.1.3.3Finger, toe2one’s big toe2.1.3.3Finger, toe
babalananbabalananNsmall woven containerA babalanan is a small woven container with a lid like a sukatan used used for carrying newly caught fish, crabs, or seeds, etc.
babanasba.ˈba.nasder. ofbanasNIf a person said that he used babanas, he just used something like toilet paper, corn cobs, a stick, or some leaves to wipe his butt after defecating.
babanayenn.possda person’s upper arm2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy
babang1ba.ˈbaŋSCE.look down on from aboveder.babangenwill look down on from abovekyababangovercome with ill feelings towards s.o.mag-ibabang2put s.o. down verballynyakababangdeclined an invitationsay.kyababangan ya ginawaIf a person feels kyababangan ya ginawa, he is feeling ill-will toward someone, have a grudge against.
babangender. ofbabang1Vwill look down on from above
babangunayba.ba.ŋu.na͡iNkind of tree with small leaves, many thorns and no fruit Kind of tree with small leaves, many thorns and no fruit.1.5.1Tree
babasalbabasalcftambasalNkalabasaCucurbitaceae cucurbita maxima1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
babatˈba.batNA babat is a brass anklet worn by Tagakaulu Kalagan women when they are dancing.A babat is a brass anklet worn by Tagakaulu Kalagan women when they are dancing.5.4.1JewelryMusmusic
babatengba.ˈba.tɜŋN A babateng is a kind of snare consisting of a long pole with a noose on the end, used for snaring birds and fowl.
babaw1ˈba.ba͡u1SCE.shallowantlalem1.3.1Bodies of water2Nshallow place in waterder.kababawshallowkababawanshallowsmababaw2If the level of water is mababaw, it is shallow in depth.magkababaw3become shallowid.kababawan na tubigshallow water
babayuVpound grain or seeds in a mortarder.babayuwunwill process seeds or grain by pounding in a mortar
babayuwunder. ofbabayuVwill process seeds or grain by pounding in a mortar
babeng1ba.ˈbɜŋRLkyababengan2Nlice nitsAny kind of lice nits that are found in the hairy parts of any animal or human.Simupaw11.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoologyder.pigbabeng2If an animal or person is pigbabeng it is afflicted with an infestation of lice.id.babeng na idu'lice nits on a dog’s fur
babēng1babɜŋSCE.twisted mouthder.nyababēng2If a person is nyababçng, she has her mouth twisted to the side of her face and was either born with it or was afflicted later with it.
babeng na idu'ba.ˈbɜŋ na ʔi.duʔid. ofbabeng1n.phr.lice nits on a dog’s fur1.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.1.7Insect
babintuba.ˈbin.tuder. ofbintu1NA babintu is any projectile thrown with the hand usually with the intent of hitting something or someone.Usually a stone, rock, clump of dirt, piece of wood.