Tagakaulo - English


dadainf. var.lamkr.asp.Indicates completed or perfected action.9.2.6Particles
da-daAsp.pfxCMP9.4.1.2Aspect--dynamic verbs
dabakdabakNtree sap
dabi-dabi'Nbig downpour
dabuk1dabukSCE.build a fire
dabukun2dabukVIf a person dabukun he will first collect and arrange the wood and then light it and thereby build a fire.Dabukun mu ya atulun.You will build a fire.
dabungdabuŋNThe dabung is a new bamboo shoot.
dadabekda.da.bɜkNsounds of horse hoofs on ground2.3.2.3Types of sounds
dadan2da.daancfpalaadv.time1If a person says that some event happened na dadan, it took place previously.2beforehand
dadan1da.daanvb.statIf a person says the something is dadan da, she means it is old.9.2.1Adjectives
dadanegdadanɜgNrolling thunderSimdalakalak
dadat1dadatRLdyumadat2SCE.settle or lower (clouds or smoke)
dadayanganVmake window that swings out
dadela͡andadɜla͡anNA dadela™an is some kind of extraordinary or unusual event often considered bad.
dadela͡endadɜla͡ɜnVunusual; strange event
dadudaduNplowder.daduwanfield that is plowedmigdadu2s.o. plows
dadunggabayder. ofdunggabVstab each other (repeatedly) with a knife
daduwandaduwander. ofdadu-an1Nfield that is plowedThis is usually a maize field, and seldom if ever a rice field, because rice fields are rarely plowed.
dadyawatdadyawatcfbegasbegasNDadyawat is a oily skin condition known as acne that afflicts adolecent teens. diseaseMedimedicine
dagamidagamiNrice straw It is what remains after the rice seed grain has been separated from the cut stalk.
dagangdangNhard plaque or tooth rot on teeth
dagat̀da.gatNocean; sea1.3.1.1Ocean, lakeGeoggeographyid.dulug na dagatshore of the oceantenga-tenga' na dagatmiddle of the sea
dagawdagawdagawdagawadv.timeIf a person says to another dagawdagaw, she means she is momentarily doing something else and will be available soon.
dagay1dagaySCE.laugh out loudder.magdagay2s.o. laughs out loud