Tagakaulo - English


e-eʔɜ.ʔɜdial. var.a-amkr.If a person says e-e to something, he is saying yes.
ebe-an2ʔɜbɜʔder. ofebe'1Vcover over s.th. to protect it (like a hen) from trouble
ebe'1ʔɜbɜʔSCE.cover over to protect (like a hen)der.ebe-an2cover over s.th. to protect it (like a hen)mag-ebe'hab. protects under wings
ebel1ˈʔɜ.ˈbɜlNsmoke1.1.3.2Cloud5.5.5What fires produceder.ebel-ebelbillowing clouds of smokemebelbe smokingnyebel2If something is nyebel, it is burning and producing smoke.id.ebel na lupa'cloud of dustebel na tubigsteam
ebel na lupa'ʔɜbɜl na lupaʔid. ofebel1lupa'1Nfigcloud of dustThis is light dirt that is swirled about by gusts of wind giving the appearence of smoke., dirt1.1.3.1Wind
ebel na tubigʔɜbɜl na tubigid. ofebel1tubigNsteam1.2.3.3Gas1.1.3.2Cloud
ebel-ebelʔɜbɜl.ʔɜbɜlder. ofebel1SCE.billowing clouds of smoke1.1.3.2Cloud
ebel-ebel na lupa'unspec. comp. form oflupa'1Phr.billowing clouds of dust (excessive)
ebeng1ʔɜbɜŋSCE.intentionally hideder.ebengans.th. will be safe shelterebengananhaven; hiding placemebengs.o. will hide themselves nyebengs.o. hid themselves
ebengander. ofebeng1Vs.th. will be safe shelter
ebenganander. ofebeng1Nhaven; hiding place
ebesʔɜ.bɜsNshort-nosed insect-eating bats1.
eblas1ʔɜblasSCE.pull downder.eblasen2pull down
eblasen2ʔɜblasder. ofeblas1Vpull downEblasen mu ya dagmay adti batangan.You will get your dagmay from hanging from the raft by pulling down down on it. [it is draped over the rafter beam]
eddemʔɜddɜm1prim1.1VprimIf a field has already been plowed once and it has already rained the farrows have been pigpa-eddem, i.e. the rains have flattened the farrows. A step in the preparation of a plowed field.
ede'1ʔɜdɜʔfr. var.ade'RLkya-ede-anSCE.knowder.migpa-ede'der.ka-ede-ananexperience gained from knowledgeka-ede-i2know s.th.ma‑ede'will be able to know about somethingmagpa-ede'2Imaka‑ede'someone will be able to knownya‑ede'someone knows about the content ofnyaka-ede'knowpa-ede-anmake known something (information)pa-ede-enwill cause s.th. to be known (as custom)pagpa-ede'the making known s.th.pigpa-ede-ancaused to be made know s.wh. pigpa-ede'caused to knowneg.ex.phrwala' ka-ede-idoes not know aboutwala' pa-ede-andid not know s.th.wala' paka-ede'not able to know
edel2ʔɜ.ˈdɜlNarea of house for pounding rice
edel1ʔɜdɜlNAn edel is a Tagakaulo Kalagan log drum that is played on special occasions and during wakes.der.mag-edelplay log drummig-edelplayed the edel
egengʔɜ.ˈgɜŋn.possd1a person’s lipsWholebaka'2 lips of animals who have them1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2Parts of an animal3secbrim or lip of a container filled with something
eges1ʔɜgɜsSCE.contract one's stomach musclesder.meges2s.o. contracts their stomach muscles
egket1ʔɜgkɜtSCE.traditional weddingder.egketenlegally and spiritually joined (in marriage)mag-egket2wedding ceremonymig-egket2two people to unite as husband and wifemigpa-egkets.o. became marriednyegket2s.o. grew fond of another
egketender. ofegket1Vlegally and spiritually joined (in marriage)
egnebSCE.subsideEgneb ya tubig.Said of water after a strong rain
eka'ʔɜ.kaʔn.possddeep cough2.5.1Sick2.2.2Cough, sneeze