Tagakaulo - English


ga-ang1ga.ʔaŋSCE.few teeth2.1.1.5Tooth2.1.1.4Mouthder.nyaga-ang2have few teeth left
ga-as1ga.ʔasNa variety of egg plant (talum) that has small fruit.Gentalum food plantsBotbotany
ga-as2Nk.o. birdk.o. bird1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
gabas1gabas1SCE.saw2Na sawder.gabasérosawyermaggabas2habitually sawing
gabasérogabasɜroder. ofgabas1Nsawyer6.6.3.1Lumbering
gabat1gabatSCE.slowder.kagabat2be slowmagabat2s.o. is perceived as being slow in doing somethingmagkagabat2s.o. has become slow
gabi2ga.ˈbiiNnight time8.4.1Period of time8.3.3.2Darkder.kagabiIf something happened kagabi, it occurred yesterday.kumanggabilast nightid.kagabi na gabiKagabi na gabi is yesterday evening.makapi la na gabithree-quarters of the night passed (time when the cock crows just before sunrise)mamayapaya ya lupa'dawnsay.gabi laearly evening, after 7 pmgumalu' ya manukabout 1 am in the morning; first cock crowmagka͡apat ya manukabout 2 hrs before sunrise; the fourth cock-crowingmagkadwa ya manukabout 2 am in the morning; the second cock-crowingmagkatlu ya manukabout 3 hrs before sunrise; the third cock-crowingmagtenga' ya gabimidnight; 12 pmunspec. comp. formtulungabithird night
gabi1gabiN1taro plant root1.5.3.1garden food plants1.5.3.4edible roots2taro plant5. from roots
gabi lagabi lasay. ofgabi2adv.timeearly evening, after 7 pm
gabukSCE.rotten core1.5.1Tree1.5.7Plant diseasesder.nyagabukhas rotted heartwood
gabut1gabutSCE.extract; remove by pulling outSimabwab 1.1der.gabuti2pull out s.th. for s.o. (command)piggabut2extract s.th.; remove s.th. by pulling out
gabuti2gabutder. ofgabut1Vpull out s.th. for s.o. (command)Gabuti la ya aligi na balay awun kay sayuwan na cemento.Pull out the house post there for me because (I) will replace it with cement.
gadafr. var. ofgayed da
gadabunga.da.ˈbunNa variety of sticky rice distinguished by fat, stubby shape, and light brown color. 5.2Food1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
gadinggadingga.diŋ.ga.diŋn.possdthe back of one’s foot2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
gagad1gagadSCE.lead by exampleder.gagadenwill lead; guide s.o.gumagadsomeone will lead; will guidemaggagadayleader; eldermiggagad2lead by example; inspirenyagagad2If a person or persons nyagagad others as they discuss, they are attempting to persuade or bring them along to believe in their point-of-view.
gagadender. ofgagad1enVwill lead; guide s.o.
gagalananga.ga.la.nanNlower bamboo strip (grass roof)When making a grass roof the gagalanan is the bottom strip for clamping the grass down to make the roof.
gagalangengagalaŋɜnNmeat dish of chicken parts
gagalasgagalasder. ofgalas1N1time when fields are cut and burnedThis is usually the the months of Jan.-March, when the weather is cooler and is frequently alternates between periods of dry and drizzle. Rice fields are prepared for planting by slashing. is the time of year when the weather is rainy and cold--usually the months of Jan.-Mar.1.1.3Weather1.2.1Land
gagalis nan2.2.4Mucus
gagina'der. ofgina'2Nfootwear
gakes1gakɜsRLgyakes2Nburial mat wrap
gakgak1gakgakSCE.drag forcefully backwards a person trying to move forwardder.piggakgak2drag s.o. forcefully backwards a person trying to move forward