Tagakaulo - English


-iSCE. > Vsfx1Stat:IRR/Asp:Neu/Dir:< affixes2Stat:IRR/Asp:Neu/Dir:</cmd
i-ʔiSCE. > VpfxDual rel
i'ʔiʔSCE.shooting stream of waterSaid of urine when a man pisses. Said also of a spring where shoots out from the side of a cliff.
ibabaʔi.ˈba.baNa game played by childrenThis game is played by several children who walk in single file with their hands on the other’s back.
ibegʔibɜg1SCE.covet3.3.1.8Lust2vb.statadmirecontr.mébegs.o. admires something or someoneder.mébegs.o. admires something or someone
ibeg-ibegʔibɜg.ʔibɜg2If a person is said to be magpa-ibeg-ibeg, it is their habit to show off their things but are not willing to give them up if someone admires it and wants it.
ibi'1ˈʔi.biʔSCE.one’s facial expression when one is about to cryder.mag-ibi'2What a child does when they are denied something they want, they protrude their lower lip and whimper.
ibidˈʔi.bidn.concretea kind of large, green lizard1.
ibungunʔibuŋun1VFor one to be afflicted with leprosy.2Nleprosy2.5.2.2Skin disease2.1.4SkinMedimedicine
ibwangˈʔib.waŋSCE.arrive unexpectedlyder.maka-ibwangs.o. will arrive unexpectedly at one's house
idiˈʔi.dispatl.deitic here, closest to the speaker. pronouns
idtu3ˈʔid.tupron.discthis just mentioned9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
idtu1ˈʔid.tuspatl.deitic There, the most distant from the speaker and in his sight.Visible to the one looking.Simadtu1
idtu2ˈʔid.tupron.temp.demonback then9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
idtu munaʔidtu munaawhile agoUsually within the memory of one’s lifetime.
idu'ʔiduʔNa dogGenayep1.
idulˈʔi.dulV(pig--an) For an animal to have its tail shorten.
ig-dial. var. ofpig-1
igadSCE.cut; slice through (flesh)
igatʔigatNworn spotAwun da igat na guma ku.There is a worn spot on my rubber (slingshot).
igatangʔigataŋpart of whole