Tagakaulo - English


lalainf. var. ofda
la-agla-agSCE.go from house to house without any real purposeSynmatibalagder. ofbalag
la-asla.ʔasNthe crusty scab of a healing wound2.2.5Bleed, bloodder.la-asenwill scab over (said of a wound)
la-asender. ofla-asVwill scab over (said of a wound)
laba2labaSCE.overworkder.palaba͡an3overworked by s.o.
laba1labaSCE.pass a leaf over fireder.laba͡a3briefly pass a leaf through fire (command)
laba'1labaʔRLlyumaba'SCE.visitder.lumaba's.o. will visitlumalaba'a visitormaglaba'2s.o. is in the habit of visitings.o. will visit another person
laba͡a3labader. oflaba1Vbriefly pass a leaf through fire (command)Laba͡a ya dawun na saging pada dili' makésé.+Pass the banana +leaf +through the +fire so it will not tear.
labag1labagRLkyalabagan3SCE.swell up
labag2labagSCE.prevent from going s.wh. because of calamity
labasbas1labasbasSCE.to be strong in speech, to not hold backder.malabasbas2to be strong in speech, to not hold back
labay1labayRLkyalabayan2lyumabay1SCE.pass byder.lumabay2If a person will lumabay a place or someone; he will pass them by as he was traveling somewhere.maglabay2s.o. habitually passes bynyakalabay2s.o. happen to pass by
labedla.bɜdNa millipedeIts body can be up to 150 mm long, it is dark brown in color. When irritated it secretes a yellowish fluid which causes a burning sensation to the skin.Arthropoda myriapoda spirobolus1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology
labenenglabɜnɜŋSCE.become dark-cloudedSynlugaytem1.1.3.2Cloud1.1.3.3Rain
labet2la.bɜtRLkyalabetanSCE.understandder.kalabeti3understandsmakalabetsomeone will be able to understand
labet1la.bɜːtSCE.discipline by spankingder.labeta1punish s.o. with whip (command)labetenwill give s.o. or s.th. a whippingmangilabetmeddle into s.o. things or affairspiglabet2disciplined s.o. by spanking
labet3SCE.business inder.magpanilabets.o. interfere with the affairs of othersnyangilabets.o. who is busybody (always in someone else’s business)
labeta1la.bɜːtder. oflabet1Vpunish s.o. with whip (command)
labetenla.ˈbɜːtder. oflabet1Vwill give s.o. or s.th. a whipping
labgab1labgabNa yawn What someone does when they are tired or bored2.1.1.4Mouthder.nyalabgab2s.o. yawned
labi lalabiconjespecially; more so
lablablablabSCE.k.o. cooking over open fire