Tagakaulo - English


lawud1la͡udspatl.deitic 1primdownriverantdaya2deeper waterUsed in the context of a shoreline of a lake or ocean. to move from shallow waters to the deeper water.comp.adti lawud2downstream (relative to me)der.pagpalawudin deep water far from shore
laya'layaʔNk.o. bambooLaya' is a bamboo grass6.5.3Building materials1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
layag1layagNA layag is a field house used primarily as a temporary dwelling during planting and harvest times. of houses
layaglayag na inabelanlayaglayag na inabɜlanNtent5.9Live, stay
layanglayaŋ1SCE.flap wings to fly2If a bird lyumayang, it is flapping its wings and flying. movement7.2.4.3Fly1.6.1.2Bird1.6.1.7Insect
layedlayedSCE.der.layedlayedanbeginning of having labor pains
layedlayedander. oflayedlayedVbeginning of having labor painsSaid of a young woman who is about to give birth.
layi'la͡iʔNLayi' is a bamboo grass and has a small diameter body and short in length. Its body color is light yellow and strong. Layi' was used for making blowguns, and arrows in years past. It is also used to ward off the “wakwak” spirit at night. Layi' placed at each of the gable ends of a house, sharpened to a point protuding at about 11 o’clock angle.
laylaylai.laiNa cicadaA flying insect which is noted for the raspy buzzing noise it makes while resting in trees. It appears on a cycle of a certain number of years.
layletcfpilek1None’s bottom eyelash
layuSCE.weep intensivelySimbadas1
layunla.ˈyuncfdalagNbrown, dried banana leaves1.5.5.1abaka / sagingBotbotany
leba1lɜbavb.stathappyder.maleba2s.o. is perceived as being happymigleba2s.o. is happy
lebbag1lɜbbagRLkyalebbagan2lyebbagan2lyumebbag2SCE.swell up; bloatder.pyanlebbaganpeople to be stuffed with food by over-eating
lebeglɜ.ˈbɜgRLlyebegvb.stat1If a normally transparent object is now said to be lebeg, it is now opaque if glass or one's sight, murky or muddy if a river, or cloudy if water from a well or spring. clear thinkingSaid of someone who makes decisions based on incorrect or incomplete information.
LebēgLɜbɜgn.properLegçg is the original name of Upper Maynit.
lebek1lɜbɜkSCE.pulverizeder.miglebeks.o. pulverizes something in a lusung
lebekananlɜ.bɜ.ka.nanNThe lebekanan is the mortar used for smashing betel chew.
lebeken2lɜbɜkVIf someone lebeken something she will pulverize by pounding things such as rice, corn, bananas.
lebeng2SCE.bury (in a grave)der.lyebengburied in a grave
lebeng1lɜbɜŋ1Ngrave2Vbury (cmd)Dili' aku mu lebeng asini banwa ini.Do not bury me here in this place!Used in the negative.der.kyalebenganplace where s.o. is buriedlebenganburied s.o. (neu.)lebengananburial site; grave yardlebengibury (me) s.wh. (cmd)piglebeng2put into a grave
lebengander. oflebeng1-an1Vburied s.o. (neu.)
lebenganander. oflebeng1Nburial site; grave yard