Tagakaulo - English


lakadan2lakadder. oflakad1Vstep over it (command)
lakaglakagNarrow for shooting animal???
lakasbu'lakasbuʔNring worma form of tinea fungus. It is itchy but not as bad as buni. disease
lakat1lakatSCE.walk heavyder.lumakat2s.o. will walk heavily and swiftlyunspec. comp. formlakatlakatthe sound of human footsteps
lakatlakatunspec. comp. form oflakat1SCE.the sound of human footstepsSimlagunsad
lakayla.kayNthe tail feathers of a rooster cock1.6.7Male and female animals1.6.1.2Bird1.6.2.1Parts of a birdAnatanatomyOrnornithology
lakbang1ˈlak.baŋSCE.wideder.kalakbang2If a person asks what is the kalakbang of something, they are asking how wide it is or its width. malakbang2If something is said to be malakbang, it is wide.
lake-enlakɜʔder. oflake'1Vwill s.th. by shaking it up in liquid
lake'1lakɜʔSCE.mix by shaking up liquidder.lake-enwill s.th. by shaking it up in liquidpiglake'If someone lake-en a bottle of medicine, they will mix it by shaking the bottle repeatedly until it is thoroughly mixed up.
lakelasNthe sound on the ground of a four-footed animal
laklakSCE.click sound2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.panaklakclicking sound with one’s mouth
laknis1laknisSCE.scrape skinder.nyalaknis2If a person has nyalaknis, he accidently wounded himself by scraping his skin on something.
lakub1lakubSCE.turn over completelyUsed for inanimate objectsder.lakubun2will turn s.th. completely over (inanimate objects)
lakubun2lakubder. oflakub1Vwill turn s.th. completely over (inanimate objects)Lakubun ku ya palatu.I will +turn +over the plate.
lakup1lakupSCE.include as part of some event It is used in the context of an event such as a wedding.Simakup1der.nyakalakup2If a person is nyakalakup in something, they happened to be included as innocent victims of some event often a bad event.
lakwatlakwatSCE.far apartder.magkalakwat2If two or more things are magkalakwat they have become spaced far apart.malakwat2If two things or two people are malakwat, they are far apart from the other one.malakwat1If something is done malakwat it is done seldom; rarely; or infrequently.
lala1lalaNany kind of larva-like worm
lala2lalaSCE.tall (in stature)der.kalala2state of being tall in staturelumala3A child will lumala if he grows up to be tall.magkalala2s.o. will become tallmalala3If a person is said to be malala, they are tall.
lala3SCE.soothe; comfortder.lala͡enwill comfort /soothe s.o. (crying or hurting)
lalāla.ˈlaRLkyalala͡anNa kind of stinging caterpillarThis kind of caterpillar produces an itch, burning at the place of contact with the skin.
lāla1lālaSCE.comfortder.maglāla2s.o. habitually comfortmagpalāla2s.o. relaxespagkalāla͡an
lala͡enla.ˈla͡ender. oflala3Vwill comfort /soothe s.o. (crying or hurting)Lala͡en ku ya ise' kay migsugaw.I will comfort the child because it is crying.
lalag1lalagSCE.yellowder.kalalag2be yellow in colormalalag2If something is malalag, it is yellowish in its color.migkalalag2s.th. became yellow
lalaguNa red, earthworm-like worm
lalangenNa rack for singeing hair off a pig