Tagakaulo - English


lalaw1lalawSCE.1password2secret name for s.o.
lalaw2SCE.for a tree or plant to have few leavesantmanamung
lalebeklalɜbɜkNsmall betel nut smasher
laleknanlalɜknandial. var.daleknann.possd1the area behind a person’s knee joint2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy2the area inside a person’s elbow2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy
lalemlalɜmSCE.deepantbabaw1 11.3.1Bodies of waterder.kalalem3depthkalalemandeep watermagkalalems.th. become deep malalemIf something is said to be malalem, it is deep.
laleng1la.ˈlɜŋSCE.singe an animal on a frameder.lalengen2will singe an animal on a frame
lalengen2la.ˈlɜŋder. oflaleng1Vwill singe an animal on a frame
laling1laliŋder. oflaling2SCE.Flying insects to swarm and hover in the air. movement
laling2la.liŋSCE.swarmder.laling1Flying insects to swarm and hover in the air.malalingswarming
lalungayNfilthy talk; obscene jesting
laluwaklaluwakNdibble stick (for planting)
laluyay1laluyaySCE.thing women do and say while planting riceder.maglaluyay2what women do and say when planting rice
lama1lamaSCE.be careful; be wary; vigilantder.maglamas.o. is alert; an guard for somethingmiglama2s.o. imagines the worst
lama'la.ˈmaʔ2If a person is kalama', they are ashamed to do something.Kalama' ya adtu kaw i Malungun, ayin kaw tabangi?If you are ashamed to to go to Malungun, how can you be helped?
lamak1lamakSCE.dish up foodder.paglamakan2dishing up food
lamanSCE.conceiveder.maglamana woman will conceive
lamān1lamānNseed of a fruit; pit1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotanyder.miglamān2s.o. conceivedfor a pregnant woman to desire a taste for sour foods
lambatanglambataŋVwhole family incapacitated with sickness
lambaw1lambawSCE.excel beyond othersSaid of one's intelectder.makalambawwill be able to excel beyond one’s peersnyakalambaw2able to excel beyond; surpasses
lambu'1lambuʔSCE.stout; fatder.malambu'2If a person is said to be malambu', they have a stout, fat, or "healthy" body.
lambuslambusNdevice used by a shaman to cause supernatural sickness
lamdag1lamdagSCE.lightder.kalalamdaglightlightkalamdagmorning lightmalamdag2s.th. shines like bright morning sun
lameng1lamɜŋSCE.1dam up2collect water in one placeder.piglameng2dammed up flowing water