Tagakaulo - English


lamigsitSCE.sound of crunching s t underfoot2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.miglamigsitcrunching sound made by stepping on s.th. hard
lamisala.ˈmi.sa1NA lamisa is any kind of table.Simkakananan5.1.1Furniture2n.concretesecThe lamisa is the upper jaw of clamp of an agutan (abaca processing machine).Agragriculture
lamputalidVmany people are laying on the ground deadThe aftermath of a big battle.Simpigpatayder. ofpatay
lamunlaː.mun2to swallowLamuna ya laman na malibanu.Shallow the seed of the guavano fruit.id.paglamun ya bulanlunar eclipse
lamutaglamutagNLamutag is a tree that is average size, and bears a small red, sweet, edible berry-like fruit daggling on stringlike stem.1.5.1TreeBotbotany
lanalanaNLana is coconut oil extracted from the white meat of the coconut fruit. product
lanang1lanaŋRLlyumanang2SCE.cover completely overSaid of liquids
lanas1lanasSCE.disappearder.lanasen2will erasenyalanas2If something nyalanas, it has vanished or disappeared without a trace.erase completelyforgive completelypiglanas2erased s t
lanasen2lanasder. oflanas1Vwill erase
lanawSCE.quiet; gentleSimlunay2der.malanawhave a peaceful disposition
landak1landakSCE.mushy deteriorationder.kalandak2mushinesslandaken2mash into mushmagkalandak2become mushymalandak2be mushynyalandakbecame mushy
landaken2landakder. oflandak1Vmash into mush
landeg1landɜgSCE.slipperyder.kalandeg2slipperinessmagkalandeg2become slipperymalandegIf a person says the ground is malandeg, he is saying that the ground feels slippery to walk on.
landung1landuŋSCE.shade1.1.1Sunder.kyalandunganshade from something like a treelandunganshady areamalandung2If an area is said to be malandung, it is a shady place.
landunganlanduŋander. oflandung1Nshady area1.1.1Sun
laneg1lanɜgSCE.mushy feelingder.magkalaneg2become mushynyalaneg2has mushy texture
lanes1lanɜsSCE.shrivelder.nyalanesbe wilted
langad2SCE.serveder.palangadserve as something
langad1laŋadRLlyumangadSCE.gaze skyward2.3.1.1Look
langag2laŋagSCE.in heat1.6.1.1Mammal1.6.7Male and female animals1.6.3Animal life cycleder.langagen1in heat
langagen1laŋagder. oflangag2Vin heatsaid of female animals1.6.1.1Mammal1.6.7Male and female animals1.6.3Animal life cycle
langawla.ŋaoNany kind of house fly.