Tagakaulo - English


langeg1laŋɜgSCE.staleder.magkalangeg2s.th. becomes old smelling; stale tastingmalangeg2s.th. is stale tastingmalangeg2If water is said to be malangeg, it is rancid smelling.
langenlangenlaŋɜnlaŋɜnVan omen that will guide one through Ya limukun tuluyun mabeslut.
langitlaŋitNskyThe langit is the sky, the area that includes eveything from ground-level up to the place where the Tagakaulo believe Tyumanem resides.Partbalintenga-ander. oftenga'dalem na langitid. oflangitWholeadti tas na langitid. oflangitadti11.1Skyid.adti tas na langitabove the heavensdalem na langitThe space of the sky between earth’s surface and clouds
langka'laŋkaʔNjackfruit treeA small tree which bears a very large, green fruit. The fruit when still immature is cooked as a vegetable. The mature fruit sweet-smelling and is yellow with juice that is rubberlike sticky.Artocarpus heterophylla1.5.1Tree5. from fruitBotbotany
langkatlaŋkatSCE.pull out of placeder.nyalangkats.th. was pulled out of place
langkawlaŋkawSCE.high statusder.malangkaw2If a person is said to be malangkaw, he has a high position, rank, or status.mangkalangkawhigh ranking officials
langkaylaŋkaySCE.dry over open fire
langlangSCE.go against the force of a strong currentder.piglanglangwent against a strong current
langudngudSCE.sound made when horses eat2.3.2.3Types of sounds
langulangu1laŋulaŋuSCE.dizzyder.magkalangulangu2If a person says he is magkalangulangu, he saying he is becoming dizzy.nyalangulangu2feel dizzybe drunknyangkalangulangus.th. makes s.o. dizzy; drunk
lanipga'lanipgaʔNCalantas treeLanipga' is a tree whose wood is rich red-orange color, course grained, and very light weight. 1.5.1TreeBotbotany
lanitlanitSCE.peel off; remove (skin); blisterder.nyalanits.o. peels away s.th.
lansa'1lansaʔSCE.1bloody smell2.3.4Smell2fishy smell2.3.4Smellder.malansa'If a person says that a bloody piece of meat is malansa', it has the odor of blood. If a person says something is malansa', it has fishy odor such as a woman’s menstration.
lansadlansadNoutside wood wall or fence
lansunalansunaNsweet bell pepper plant and its fruit5.2Food
lantakalantakaNA lantaka is a bamboo cannon and is often made by chidren as a toy around Christmas and New Year's time. 4.2.6Entertainment, recreation
lantalak1lantalakRLlyantalak2SCE.unable to decideder.lantalana place for putting things
lantalanlan.ˈta.lander. oflantalak1Na place for putting things
lantaw1lantawvb.stathigh point (for good visibility)der.malantaw2have a pleasant view (seen from high point)
lanteg1lantɜgSCE.entrap under or betweender.kalantegan2will be entrap under or between
lantulantuSCE.stack one on top another der.mig-ilantulantu2stacked one on top of another of similar shape and size
lantulantu1lantulantuSCE.stack one on top of another of similar shape and sizeder.mig-ilantulantu2stacked one on top of another of similar shape and size
lanutlanutNManila hemp fiber1.5.5.1abaka / sagingBotbotany