Tagakaulo - English


lānutla:nutNwhite water from washing rice
lapa'1lapaʔSCE.cut up meat of butchered animalder.miglapa'2If a person miglapa', they are cutting up a butchered pig, chicken, fish, or any kind of animal that is normally eatened.
lapawlapawSCE.lack of concentration
lapaylapayNa black heron1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
lapay langitla.pay la.ŋitn.phr.A Rufous night heronNycticorax caledonicus manilensis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
lapid1lapidSCE.layer Said of thin, flat objects such as paper; leavesder.lapiden2If someone lapiden something, they will put one flat layer on top of another, such as sheets of paper, or stack leaves, or cut wood boards.piglapidancommit adultery (in the sense of betrayal)sallapidone thin, flat thing
lapiden2lapidder. oflapid1VIf someone lapiden something, they will put one flat layer on top of another, such as sheets of paper, or stack leaves, or cut wood boards.Said of thin, flat objects.
lapinig2lapinigNa variety of upland rice.1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
lapinig1la.pi.nigNa small wasp1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
lapit1lapitvb.statnearder.kalapit2be nearmagkalapit2If a person becomes magkalapit, she has become closer to someone in physical position or relation she was before.magpalapitsomeone to approach anothermalapit2If something or someone is malapit, it is close or nearby.pigpalapitcaused to come near to someone or somethingneg.ex.phrwala' pakapalapitwere not able to come close to
lapiyaSCE.overflow (liquid)der.lyumapiyasomething such a liquid to overflow its container
laplap1laplapSCE.shave with long strokesder.laplapenwill shave s.th. with long strokespiglaplapIf someone piglaplap a long piece of bamboo or an edge of a plank of wood, they shave it with long strokes.
laplapenlaplapder. oflaplap1Vwill shave s.th. with long strokes
lapnekSCE.the scum that floats to the top of cooked rice
laptiklaptikSCE.primpull on a steering ropeThis the rope that is placed through the septum of an animal's nose such as a water buffalo in order to turn the animal when plowing.
lapu1lapuRLlyumapu2SCE.boil over
lapuwa1lapuwaVpour boiling water overder.maglapuwa2If a person maglapuwa a chicken, they will pour boiling water over it in order to remove the feathers.palapuwaabound; exceed; overpouring
lapyunglapyuŋNsweet potato cut into large chunks and cooked in a soup5.2Food
lasākla.saːkSCE.enter This word "to enter" was common from 1970s and before was supplanted by "seled". The word took on an obscene meaning with the younger generations and has sexual connotations now. obscarch
lasaw1lasawSCE.dilutedder.malasaw2If someone says that their coffee is malasaw, they are saying it is diluted with water and weak in flavor.
lasgas1lasgasSCE.scrape awayder.nyalasgas2If a person's skin is nyalasgas, they have scraped off the top layer of skin so that is it peeling away.