Tagakaulo - English


m-minf. var. ofum-
ma-maSCE. > VpfxV:AGT\S/Asp:Cont /State:[-vol./-poss]der.madala1convert s.o. (to believe)
ma-alasVbeyond one’s ability to imagine
ma-elemelemder. ofelemelemVbe in “standby” to wait
ma-engatder. ofengatVs.th. will be lifted up
ma-ibali-us2ba.ˈli.ʔusder. ofbali-usVIf a person says we ma-ibali-us they accidently failed to meet up with you even though you two had planned to do so.
ma-igangetder. ofganget1Vtwo things firmly bound togetherfiguratively it can be said of a covenant , contract, or agreement.
ma-imo-anVs.th will be made at a location
ma-imo'ma.ʔimoʔder. ofimo'1vb.stat1will make into2will become s.th.
ma-inagender. ofinagenVone’s net worth
ma-inalamder. ofnalam1Vcomfortable with one another
ma-inellepayder. ofellep2Vtwo first cousins to marry (but not taboo)Ma-inellepay ya manga ise' ni Estila aw ni Agapitu.The children of Estila and Agapitu can marry each other. (it is not taboo)Tagakaulo custom in the Mt. Tandawanan area is that two sister's offspring can marry, but a sister and brother's offspring cannot. That is taboo.
ma-ingasaʔiŋasader. ofingasa1vb.statIf someone says they are ma-ingasa, they feel the weather to be muggy, humid, stuffy, or hot place with no circulating air or wind. 2.3.5Sense of touch1.3.3Wet
ma-ininder. ofinin1Vseparate grain seed from stalkMa-inin ya lamaw, matani ya lamaw aw matani ya utMa-inin the rice seed, separate the rice seed and separate the rice plant stalk.What one does with newly harvested rice.
ma-inumuder. ofumuVnot able to speak
ma-isagensender. ofsagensen1Vwhen events follow close together in succession
ma-isulut2sulutder. ofsulut1VIf a person will ma-isulut strips of cut and split bamboo, he is placing the pieces in order and matching them to be nailed or fastened later.
ma-itala'der. oftala'2Vto meet and inspect each otherSuch as when two animals sniff each other over.
ma-iyantekder. ofiyantek1Vs.o. will make tiny
ma-iyapder. ofiyap1Vto be countedDili' ma-iyap ya kawuy asuntu na to-o madég.The trees could not be counted because there were so very many.
ma-uban2ʔu.banvb.statIf an older person is ma-uban, their hair has turned white2.1.5Hair8.
ma-umal2ʔu.malder. ofumal1vb.statTo be dumb, i.e.unable to articulate words, usually because a person is deaf as wellSimumu2.1.1.2Ear2.3.2Hear2.5.4.4Mute2.1.1.4Mouth
ma-umander. ofuman3Vto change; alter something from original state
ma-umpadder. ofumpad1Vwill be blown away by the wind
ma-undagder. ofundagvb.statbe echoing2.3.2.3Types of sounds