Tagakaulo - English


n-SCE. > Vpfx[past]
na6precatnow (background info)
na8mkr.caseOBL.non-Nucl. [by]
na9LkGEN [of]
na4napron.rel.1who9.2.3.3Relative pronouns2that3which4whom5while
na5namkr.caseby; with
na3naLklig contr.a2lig
na1nainterjwell now
NanaLkwell now
na unconjin order toSimpada
na-na'SCE.look down on s.o.
nagana.gaNnarraNaga is a legume, and grows to a height of 30 meters. Its trunk is grey in color and has an irregular fluted trunk. Its seeds are round wing-lets with fine, needle-like hairs. Its wood grain is a beautiful orange-red and is highly sought after for furniture. It is strong and durable class 1 hardwood.Pterocarpus inidicus1.5.1TreeBotbotany
nagnag1nagnagSCE.festerSaid of a wound.der.mignagnag2wound festered and got bigger
naka-naka1pfx1.1Afx.pfxby chance; happen to
nalam1SCE.accustomder.kanalamanthing one is accustom tokyanalamans.o. became accustom toma-inalamcomfortable with one anothermagnalamhabitually accustomed tonalamaaccustomnalamenprocess of winning one’s affectionnyanalambecame accustom topignalam2won one's affectionneg.ex.phrwala' kanalamis.o. is not accustom tounspec. comp. formmagkanalamnalam2If a child is said to magkanalamnalam, that child is becoming spoiled.
nalamader. ofnalam1Vaccustom
nalamender. ofnalam1Vprocess of winning one’s affection
nalamnalam1nalamnalamvb.statspoilAs in a child who is spoiled.
namalSCE.hurry (cmd)unspec. comp. formpanamalIf a mother tells her child while walking on the trail to panamal, she is telling her to hurry up and stop lagging behind..