Tagakaulo - English


pa-2paSCE. > VpfxnfxV:causeder.pa-inemwill cause s.th. to drinkpalipaslipasanwill ignore s.o. or s.th.palipaslipasiignore s.th. (pertaining to me--used with neg-ext.)pasalamatanthank s.o. (cmd)
pa-1paSCE. > VpfxnfxAsp:CONT9.4.1.2Aspect--dynamic verbs
papaprobably from Austro-Asiatic "go" which is ‘pa’.mkr.asp.Asp:CONT9.2.6Particles9.4.1.2Aspect--dynamic verbs
pa-agad3ˈʔa.gadRLpya-agad3der. ofagad1vb.trans.mot1If a person pa-agad they are permitting someone to accompany another person.2cause s.o. to accompany (against ones will)
pa-agadan3ˈʔa.gadder. ofagad1VIf a someone is pa-agadan they will be the one caused to accompany a person to some place.Used in the context of being kidnapped, abducted, or carried away into captivity.
pa-agawunˈʔa.gawder. ofagaw3VIf a people will pa-agawun they will conquer and seize the possessions of their enemy.
pa-agiyen3ˈʔa.gider. ofagi2VWhen a person pa-agiyen they will allow somebody to pass through such as a doorway or gate.
pa-anenganengander. ofanenganengvb.cognwill be reminded of3.2.6.4Remind
pa-apetder. ofapet1Vcause to experience
pa-ede-ander. ofede'1knowVmake known something (information)
pa-ede-ender. ofede'1knowVwill cause s.th. to be known (as custom)
pa-eledan ya ginawaPhr.a feeling one has when they realize that they have lost
pa-elepan2ʔɜlɜpder. ofelep1Vs.th. is caused to congregate togetherKawuy na pa-elepan na patyukan.The tree where the honeybees will congregate (to make a honeycomb hive.)
pa-emel-emelen1ˈʔɜ.mɜ.ˈlɜ.mɜlRLpya-emel-emel3der. ofemel-emel2Vinflict deserved punishment on s.o.4.7.7Punish2.5.6.1Pain4.7.6Judge, render a verdictder.pagpa-emel-emelpunishment
pa-eya-ender. ofeya'1Vwill cause someone to dwell
pa-idedeten2dɜdɜtder. ofdedet1Vmove s.th. closer togetherPa-idedeten mu ya kaltun.Put the cartons closer together.
pa-indegender. ofindeg4Vsomeone will be caused to standUsed in the context of standing before a judge.
pa-inemder. ofpa-2inem1Vwill cause s.th. to drink
pa-inggokunder. ofinggokVwill cause to inhale s.th.
pa-ingkudaVcause someone to sit down
pa-inugun papa.ʔinugun paNgrain that is not yet ripe
pa-isabag2sabagder. ofsabag1Vmeet unexpectedly in a dangerous situation
pa-isanggalen2saŋgalder. ofsanggal1Vattach s.th. together (to make longer)Pa-isanggalen ku ya alamli kay makagpa'.I will +attach +together the wires to +make it +longer because (their) short.