Tagakaulo - English


sa4saconj.illust.as for
sa3saconj.simult-eventat the
sa1samkr.caseOBLcomp.sa kanan21s.GEN.precontr.sakanan1he; she; it1s ABS him/her
sa dili' paPhr.before something else will happenSimkulawsa wala' pa
sa kanan2sakanancomp. ofsa1kanan1Pro1s.GEN.pre
sa kanmuProGEN-prepos-poss
sa wala' pasa walaʔ paconjwhile not yet; beforeSimkulawsa dili' pasilang1
sa‑ulsa.ʔuln.concreteshirt; robe
sa'1saʔNa new shoot of an abaka, or banana plant1.5.5.1abaka / sagingBotbotany
sa'2Phr.word or words used to scare off a chicken or dogSaid very loud. And the dog or chicken usually run away.
sab1saabNA sab is a lid or cap to a bottle or container.6.7.7Containerunspec. comp. formkyasaban2If someone is kyasaban by something or someone, she has been reached by and overcome by it such by rain, another person, or by nightfall.
sabasabaadv.mod.If a person makes a statement and includes the word saba, he is saying that in his mind it is indeed true.
sababanV?????Sababan aku asini na simag.
sabag1sabagSCE.meet unexpectedly in a dangerous situationder.isabagunexpected meetingpa-isabag2meet unexpectedly in a dangerous situation
sabaksabakNA sabak is an offering place where one can present appeasement offerings to the spirits., sacrifice
sabang1sabaŋRLsyumabang2Nwhere a small stream merges into a larger stream; confluence1.3.1.3RiverGeoggeography
Sabang MalaygangSabaŋ Malaygaŋn.properconfluence of the Malaygang and Lumabat RiversSabang Malaygang is the original name for village of San Juan, brgy. San Juan and is at the confluence of the Malagang stream to the Lumabat River.
sabaw1sa.ˈbauNA sabaw is a soup or broth.der.sabawun2make into soup
sabawun2sa.ˈbauder. ofsabaw1Vmake into soup
sabengsabɜŋNA sabeng is a bamboo fish trap used in rivers and streams for catching small fish.A +sabeng is cone-shaped trap with an inner cone facing inward from the mouth of the trap. When fish swim into the trap they become trapped behind the inner cone.6.4.2Trap
sabet1sabɜtSCE.trip overder.pigsabet2tripped up by s.th.