Tagakaulo - English


ta-ota.ʔoadv.mod.really; very
ta‑odial. var. ofto-o
tabtaabNIf a person calls a horse to get its attention, he will say: tab tab tab tab.
taba'ta.baʔn.possd1the fat on a person’s body2.1.7Flesh2fat from animal used for cooking and other uses1.6.2Parts of an animalder.mangkataba'become thick or fat in sizemataba'3be fatmataba'2to have a fat body; well-fed bodymataba'1for soil to be rich and productive and is capable of sustaining many crops without fertilizer.
taba' na lupa'tabaʔ na lupaʔn.phr.fertile land1.2.2.1Soil, dirt
tababasitababasiNa variety of plant distinguished by its smooth leaves with a cluster of flowers on top.1.5PlantBotbotany
tabagta.ˈbagRLkyatabaganvb.auxsomewhatTabag meneng ya ise' yan.That child is +somewhat crazy.Tabag malunaw ya pingkal.The cotton cloth is +somewhat blue/green. a small degree9.3.1.1To a large degree8.
tabagata.ba.gaNTabaga is the metal copper which is used as the alloy of bronze and brass.
tabaku'ta.ba.kuʔNtobacco6.2.5.4Plant product
tabalanenNk.o. bird1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
tabalastabalasNA brown shrike bird, a migratory bird that is known to mimic other bird's songs. Lanius cristatus lucionensis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
taban1ta.banSCE.plunderder.nyatabansomething is taken away as bootypigpantabancarry away many things as plunderpigtaban2If some people raid a village and pigtaban it, they have plundered the place, taking away everything they consider of value.tabanaplunder (neutral)tabanenprocess of plundering
tabanader. oftaban1Vplunder (neutral)
tabanender. oftaban1Vprocess of plundering4.8.3.8Plunder
tabang2tabaŋRLtyabanganSCE.helpSimtalabander.magtinabangaypeople will help each othermigtabang2ask for helpmigtabang1s.o. helpeds.o. rescuedtinabangaypeople help each otherneg.ex.phrwala' tabangidid not help (me)unspec. comp. formpigtabanganhelp someone
tabāng1ta.ˈbaŋtab.ʔaŋSCE.tasteless2.3.3Tasteder.matabāng3If some food or drink is said to matabang, it is tasteless or tastes bland.
tabāng2tabāŋNA tab¥ng is a round stick used to wrap abaca fiber around when one is pulling it through a stripping machine.
tabas1tabasSCE.cut a pattern (for clothes)5.4Adornment7.8.3Cut
tabas2tabasSCE.cut off at stalk7.8.5Make hole, opening7.8.3Cut
tabayta.ˈba͡iadjIf something is tabay, it is few in number., much
tabedSCE.remove a cap or lid
tabedtabedadv.time1little by little2in a little while