Tagakaulo - English


ubad1ʔubadSCE.untie; unloosenSaid of String like things.der.pag-ubadtranslationpig-ubad1untie s.th.ubadenwill untie s.th.
ubadenʔubadder. ofubad1Vwill untie s.th.
ubalʔubalNmonkey (generic)Speckusapengliwasnanib1.
uban1ʔu.banNIf a person is older and their hair is uban, it is white in color2.1.5Hair8.
ubasʔubasSCE.drain water from
ubatʔubat1vb.uttto tell; to report2n.possdreport...kay awun kunu ubat nan kanmu....because he had supposedly a report for you.der.pig-ubats.o. tells aboutpig-ubatantell about s.th.ubat‑ubattell newstellpreachthe preaching of s.o.; the sermon ofthe newsmessageubatantell s.o. will tell s.o. ubatenIf an old woman chants an ubaten, she is telling a epic story or a story of a Tagakaulo tradition.
ubat-ubatander. ofubat‑ubatder. ofubatvb.utttell to s.o.
ubat‑ubatʔubat.ʔubatder. ofubat1SCE.tell news2vb.utttellUsually information that is not limited to one or two sentences, but large chunks of information.3vb.uttpreach4verb.noun.phr.the preaching of s.o.; the sermon of...sa ubat-ubat ni Pédro....the preaching of Pedro.5Nthe news...ya ubat-ubat kan Tabita....the news about Tabita.6verb.noun.phr.messageder.mag‑ubat‑ubatayteller of newspreacherpag-ubat-ubat2preachingpag-ubat-ubat1proclaimpig-ubat-ubats.o. telling; preachingpig‑ubat‑ubatantell the news about somethingubat-ubatantell to s.o. ubat‑ubatitell someone news about something (cmd)
ubat‑ubatider. ofubat‑ubatder. ofubatVtell someone news about something (cmd)
ubatander. ofubatvb.utt1tell s.o. "Kay To', ubatan kanami ya matinaw.""Boy, tell us the truth."Command:2will tell s.o.
ubatenʔubatɜnder. ofubatNIf an old woman chants an ubaten, she is telling a epic story or a story of a Tagakaulo tradition.
ubayˈʔu.bayV1married woman4.1Relationships4.1.9.2Related by marriage1.6.7Male and female animals9.6Connected with, related͡ubayan1A ka͡™ubayan is generic for any woman. A man's ka™ubayan is his wife.
ubaybayʔubaybayn.possdA person's ubaybay is their friend.9.7.1Name of a personder.mati-ubaybayfond of making friendspig-ubaybaymade friends with s.o.id.paglubidan ya kanilan ubaybaybetray a friend
ubbungʔubbuŋinf. var. ofugbung
ubiʔubiNubi yamDioscorea alata5.2Food1.5.3.1garden food plants1.5.3.4edible rootsBotbotany
ublut1ʔub.lutSCE.remove by slide one cylindric object from anotherder.pig-ublut2slide one item from anotherublutunslide out tube-shaped object
ublut-ublutʔublut.ʔublutVdraw lots
ublutunder. ofublut1Vslide out tube-shaped objectSaid of a cylindrical object like a hose that is inserted on a similar shaped object.
ubu1ʔu.bu1Na cough2.5.1Sick2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.5.2Disease2.3.2.3Types of sounds2SCE.coughder.mubuwill coughnyubu2a person coughednyubu1cough
ubud2ʔubudN.bananas and abaca1.5.5.1abaka / sagingBotbotany
ubud1ʔubudNthe palm tree heartThe ubud is the new-growth part of the palm. If the ubud dies the plant cannot grow and will die.
ubunSCE.care for vines and plantsder.mig-ubuns.o. attends to the caring of vines and plants
ubus2ʔu.busder. ofubus1vb.auxcompletelyDili' nilan ubusun atag ya eleg.They did not completely give the proceeds from the sale.
ubus1ʔu.busSCE.use up; consumeSimka͡abusder. ofabusder.pig-ubusused s.th. upubus2completelyubusa3consume it; use it upubusunwill consume s.th.