Tagakaulo - English


ulaga1ʔulaga1SCE.kill by chopping into pieces2Of peopleder.pigpang-ulaga͡an2chopped up a person with a knife
ulaipanunspec. var. ofulépan
ulanʔulanRLpya-ulananNrain1.1.3.2Cloud1.1.3.3Rainder.nyulanrainingpa-ulanancause rain to fall on a placeneg.ex.phrwala' ulanidid not rain on s.o.
ulangag1ʔu.la.ŋagn.possdpig’s hunger cry1.6.4.3Animal soundsder.mag-ulangag2will cry out in anguishmig-ulangag1cry out in pain
ulas2ʔulasvb.statIf something is molas it is easy to do.4.4.2Troubleder.molas1easy
ulatʔu.latn.possda scar on one’s skin the result of an injury2.5.3Injure2.1.4Skin
ulaw1ʔulawNa variety of upland rice. It seed is distinguishable by is dark-brown color.
ulaw2ʔulawNa variety of tall grass, reaching 2 meters in height and has a white, seed tassle. Tentatively identified as Moras: vetiveria zizanioides1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
ulayʔulayNAn ulay is an old unmarried woman., not new2.6.5.2Woman
ulayanʔulayanNA bushlike tree whose small, oval-shaped leaves that resembles mesquite. It has yellow fruit that deer and lemurs once ate from.1.5.2Bush, shrubBotbotany
ulayan na kasila'ʔulayan na kasilaʔn.phr.A variety of sweet potato which can be identified by its black peel and white interior. 5.2Food1.5.3.4edible rootsBotbotany
uldinʔuldinNlaw; ordersSimbala-ud
ulépanʔu.le.panunspec. var.ulaipanNcentipede1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology
uli-uli'Nk.o. weedIt grows close to the ground, it has long (3 in) very, narrow leaves. At the top of the stem is a flower.
uli‑anVreturn something to where it came from (cmd)Uli-an ya kampilan adti luma' nan!Return the fighting sword to it’s sheath (lit. house).
uli'1ʔuliʔ1SCE.to return home; to return to originder.pag‑iyuli'2Vreturn home -cmdUli' da kaw adi!You return home now!3Vreturn to previous stateder.kya-uli-an2der.muli'2will return homenyuli'2If a person nyuli' to his own home, he returned home.pa-uli-en2send s.o. homepag‑iyuli‑enreconcile someone to each otherpig-uli'2returned s.th. pigpa-iyuli'cause two people or groups of people to become reconciled with each other
ulid-ulidʔulid.ʔulidSCE.roll around on one’s backSaid of animals like horses; or a person who can't sleep at night and they toss-and-turn
ulileng1ʔulilɜŋSCE.sputter before dyingSaid of a gas lampder.mag-ulilengre-ignite a fire that is smolderingmig-ulileng2sputtering before going out
ulingʔuliŋNUling is charcoal. product
ulipʔulipSCE.to mend (floor, mat, or roof)6.5.1Building
ulisayʔulisayNabaca stringThe rope that is used to tie stalks of rice plants together while they are still planted in the ground.
ulisiʔulisiNcane or reed used as a whip
ulisngakSCE.sound of sniffingA sound that a dog makes when smelling something. sounds