Tagakaulo - English


ulitebʔulitɜbSCE.clamp one’s teeth
ullutSCE.something loud and happens suddenlyder.nyullutsaid of smoke, to rise into the air
ulu2SCE.overflowSaid of only dry things such as grain in a basket.der.pig-uluwanoverflowed
ulu1ˈʔu.lun.possd1a person’s.headPartbaka'2 1empekilunglugaymata 1talinga1 12.1.1HeadAnatanatomy2the head of most animals1.6.2.4Parts of an insect1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.3Parts of a fish1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalder.ka͡uluheadwatersnyatingulustand on headpigtingulube upside-down, head-downulunana thing used as pillowplace where a head rests
uludʔu.ludN1any long, skinny animal1.6.1Types of animals2any kind of worm.Specwatti1.6.1.7Insect3any kind of snake. is consumed by wormsneg.ex.phrwala' uludawas not wormy
ulud-uludʔulud.ʔuludSCE.to toss and turn
ulug1ʔulugMSK: orogSCE.fall from higher elevationder.molugIf something or someone molug, they might fall off of or from something higher than the ground. nyolugs.o. unintentionally fell (from higher up)
ulunanʔulunander. ofulu1V1a thing used as pillow2place where a head restsAw dun silan ingkud ni kyabetangan sa lawas ni Jisus, sambuk apit adti ulunan aw sambuk apit adti tuwadan.And there they sat at the place where Jesus’ body was, one by where the head rested, and one by where the feet rested.anttuwadan
uluyʔu.ˈluiNa variety of shrub1.5.2Bush, shrubBotbotany
ulyab1ʔul.yabNa grainless panicle of riceSimtipigumay11.5.5.2rice1.5.6Growth of plantsBotbotanyder.pig-ulyab2be dried up by the sun
ulyugʔulyugNAn ulyug is a noise-making device made up of a series of ropes with objects suspended from it which when pulled by one watching a rice field shoos away maya birds. 6.2Agriculture
um-inf. var.m-SCE. > VpfxV:AGT\S/Asp:CONT
-um-ʔumSCE. > VsfxV:AGT\S/Asp:CONT9.2.9.3Derivational affixesder.sumakas.o. will look for foodunspec. comp. formdumadayualien
umaʔu.man.possda dog’s barkSimta͡ul1.6.4.3Animal sounds
umagʔu.magMSK: omagto search with dogsSCE.to search using dogs7.6.2Find
umagakʔumagakSCE.der.umagakana group of followers
umagakanʔu.ma.ga.kander. ofumagaka group of followerssaid of chicks with a hen, of monkeys moving in a group1.6.4.1Animal movement1.6.6Animal group
umal1ʔu.malSCE.unable to articulate sounds2.5.4.4Mute2.1.1.4Mouth2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.ma-umal2To be dumb, i.e.unable to articulate words, usually because a person is deaf as well
uman3ˈʔu.manVchange; repairder.ma-umanto change; alter something from original statemag-umans.th. will change to s.th.else
uman2ʔu.ˈma.nɜnVwill do againSimsalutun2der. ofsalut1
umanēnʔu.ma.ˈnɜnVIf a person will umanēn something that is broken, they will repair it.
umay2ʔumayadv.timeUmay is a year.8.4.1Period of timecomp.tulungka͡umaythree years
umay1ʔumayNthe rice plantThe generic designation for a rice plant.Partbuku1kigenlawāsut na umaySimilaw3ulyab11.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotanyder.umayanold rice fieldunspec. comp. forminumayanAn inumayan is was a cultivated field that has been allowed to become overgrown with weeds and trees.
umayanʔumayander. ofumay1Nold rice field1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert