Tagakaulo - English


umba'1ˈʔum.baʔcfmakatumba'der. ofmaka-tumba'tumba'adj.quality1If something is said to be umba', it is enough or sufficient.8.1.7Enough2worthy; fittingder.maka-umba's.o. is able to do what is suitable; fittingnyaka-umba'2able to be enoughneg.ex.phrwala' paka-umba'was not enoughsay.umba' daenough now; stop it
umba' dasay. ofumba'1Phr.enough now; stop it
umbudʔum.budNweevils that infest rice, flour, and other dry foods.
umilʔu.milSCE.damp1.3.3Wetder.momilfeel slightly damp
umpad1ʔumpadSCE.leaf fall1.5.1Tree1.5.2Bush, shrub1.5.6Growth of plantsder.ma-umpadwill be blown away by the windnyaka-umpad2If leaves of trees nyaka-umpad, they are dropping off onto the ground.
umpekfr. var. ofempek
umpuʔum.pun.possd1An older person's umpu is their grandchild, that is, the child of their own children. by birth2A person's umpu is also a niece or nephew removed by one generation. by birthder.ka-umpuwananA person or clan's kya-umpuwanan is their distant ancestors whose exact lineage can not be traced.umpu na dalitayone's great great grandchildid.umpu na bukubukuone's great grandchild
umpu na bukubukuʔumpu na bukubukuid. ofumpuposs.n.phr.one's great grandchild
umpu na dalitayʔumpu na dalitayder. ofumpuposs.n.phr.one's great great grandchild
umpu na lima na tullu'Phr.fourth generation grandchild
umpu'ʔum.puʔNA black snake with red tail.Very poisonous.
umuʔumuSCE.dumbSimma-umal2der. ofumal13.5.1Say2.5.4.4Muteder.ma-inumunot able to speak
-un1SCE. > VsfxPRCS /status:IR9.2.9.3Derivational affixes
-un2dial. var. of-en
una1ʔunaSCE.go firstder.munafirstnyuna2s.o. or s.th. went firstpig-unadid s.th. first (in consecutive order)una͡enfirst thing s.o. will do before everything else
una͡ender. ofuna1Vfirst thing s.o. will do before everything else
unapʔunapNThe unap is the scale-like underside of a snake. of a reptile
unawʔunawSCE.wash hands5.6.1Clean, dirty5.6Cleaningneg.ex.phrwala' pag‑unawdid not wash hands
unawa1ʔunawaSCE.same; alike; equal9.6.1.8Equivalence8. make equalmig-unawa2made the same; made equalpig-unawaexactly the same as s.th.pig-unawa͡anhave come to a consensusneg.ex.phrwala' pag-unawano equalunspec. comp. formpigpa-unawa͡ancompared s.th. to another
unayanʔunayanNa variety of grass1.5.1Tree
undagSCE.echo2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.ma-undagbe echoing
unggasʔuŋ.gasNa white-breasted swamphenit has several calls depending on the time of day. One is a raspy, grindy sound. It makes its nest in low, weedy areas. It is also call a tinikling in Tagalog.Amaurornis phoenicurus Javanicus1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
unggawSCE.heat to migrate or raiseUnggaw ya kapasu' dun ni seled na balay.
ungusʔuŋusSCE.form hair into bun or knot2.3.1.8Appearance