Tagakaulo - English


unit1ʔunitSCE.strip away To strip off fleshy material from bamboo so that only the outside skin remains. This procedure is used when preparing material for making woven basket-like containers such as be-en, sukatan, nipe', etc.der.monit2If a piece of cloth or leather is said to be monit, it has the characteristic of being pliable, able to expand or contract.
unsad1ʔunsadSCE.set uprightder.pig-unsadcarry s.th. on shoulder such as a rock and set it down in its placepigpa-unsadput s.th. down in upright position
unsuyʔun.suyNa baby chick1.6.1.2Bird1.6.3Animal life cycleOrnornithology
untu2ʔuntuNa kernel of maize cornWholekalumpal1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany
untu1ʔun.tun.possd1a person’s tooth2.1.1.5Tooth2.1.1.4Mouth2an animal’s tooth of those who have them1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.3Parts of a fish1.6.2Parts of an animal3the tooth of a comb5.4.1Jewelry
untu na ambakʔuntu na ambakn.phr.a stage in the growth of maize in which a new sprout appears from the seedUsually 3 days after planting the seed.Devmanapli'mallulutuntu na ambakbini'11.5.6Growth of plantsBotbotany
untung1ʔuntuŋRLkya-untungan21Nbenefits8.3.7Good2SCE.receive without working for it9.5.1.1Beneficiary of an event7.4.2Receiveder.ka-untunganbe blessed withka‑untungibe the beneficiary of somethingpigka-untunganreceive the benefits of somethingid.wa’y untunghave no benefit
unu1ʔunupron.interrogwhatcomp.pangkay unuwhatevercontr.sangunuhow?; what?der.pig-unu2howpig-unuhow s.o. did s.th.ununhow; in what mannersay.dili' maka-ununothing will happen (to s.o.)
unud2SCE.mature; developedder.ma‑unudbe mature
unud1ʔu.nud1n.possdthe muscle or flesh of a person’s body2.1.7FleshAnatanatomy2Nmeat from any slaughtered animal5.2FoodAnatanatomy3Nthe pulp of fruits5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotany
unud ya ginawasay. ofginawa3Phr.mature
ununʔununder. ofunu1pron.interroghow; in what mannerUnun mu ya paggabut?How or in what manner will you pull it up?
unung2SCE.empathyder.pig-unungan2empathized with someone
unung1ʔunuŋSCE.avenge a deathder.mag-unungpeople to die at the same time in the same circumstancespa-unung2avenge the death of anotherpig-unungan1two brothers murder each other at the same time
upad-upadʔu.pad.ʔu.padNpinworms that make one's anus itchy1.6.1.9Small animals
upatʔupatadj.cnt.If a person counts upat pieces of something she has counted four. numbersder.kapatIf a person selects the kapat piece from a group , he has select the fourth piece in the group. kapatanIf a person counts kapatan pieces of something, she has counted forty pieces.
upaw2Nscum that floats on top when cooking rice
upaw1ˈʔu.paoNchicken mites (on one's clothes and bedding)Simbabeng1sisip1.6.1.7Insect
upuʔupuNBottle gourdLagenaria siceraria1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
upukVsmoked outder.mag-upukwill be aphyxiated; smoked out
usaʔusaNa wild pigSpectale' animalsZoolzoology
usaln.possda whinny sound made by a horse1.6.4.3Animal soundsder.mati-usalhorse is whinnying (wanting to fight)
usay2ʔusaySCE.untangleSaid of grass, abaka fiber, cords.