Tagakaulo - English


usay1ʔusaySCE.legal hearingder.mag-usay1s.o. will conduct a legal hearingmag-usayay3judgemig-usay2s.o. conducted a legal hearingpa-usayanwill cause a suit to be brought to a judgeusayanlegal complaint to be heard by s.o.usayanandesignated place for hearing casesusayenencomplaint to by heard in court
usayander. ofusay1Vlegal complaint to be heard by s.o.
usayananʔusayanander. ofusay1Ndesignated place for hearing cases
usayenender. ofusay1Ncomplaint to by heard in court
usip1ʔusip1SCE.question3. questionder.mag-usipanens.o. to ask questions about s.th.musips.o. will ask a questionnyusips.o. asked a questionusipaask a question to someone (cmd)usipenwill ask a question to someone
usipader. ofusip1Vask a question to someone (cmd)
usipender. ofusip1Vwill ask a question to someone
usog1ʔusogSCE.travel with the current (in the water)der.musogs.o. will go downstream via a rivers.o. will travel with the current (in the water)
usud1ʔusudSCE.change; alterder.pig-usudchange or alter s.th.usudunwill change or alter s.th.
usud2SCE.to extend the time for payment of a debt
usudunʔusudder. ofusud1Vwill change or alter s.th.
usukʔusukshake down; slide down7.
ususʔususNUsus is chicken pox. disease2.5.1Sick
ut na umayʔuut na ʔu.ma͡iNrice stemsThis is the fine stems that connect the kigen to the fruit i.e. grain seeds.Wholeumay1
utanʔutanNAn utan is a vegetable dish that one puts on or eats with rice.5.2Foodder.utanenenplants for main dishes
utanenenʔutanɜnɜnder. ofutanNplants for main dishes1.5.3.1garden food plants
utap-utapʔutap.ʔutapNutap-utap is a kind of skin disease which causes the skin flake-off white bits of dead skin. disease2.5.1SickMedimedicine
utasSCE.kill off a dying animal (or person)der.mig-utassomeone puts a dying animal or person to deathunspec. comp. formpig-utasanput an animal down
utaw1ʔutawRLkya͡utawan2n.concreteAn utaw is any kind of human being or person.2Personder.gitawangroup with something in commonka-utawbe humanka͡utawbe bornma͡utaws.o. will be borns.o. will revive somethingnya͡utawIf a person or animal is nya͡utaw, they are born.pagka-utawunone's selfid.wa’y utawno one
utaw na mataʔu.taw na ma.taid. ofmataopen one’s eyes upon waking from sleepn.possda person's pupil of their eye2.1.1.1EyeAnatanatomy
utaw paʔutaw paid. ofka͡utawder. ofutaw1v.phrstill alive2.6Life1.4Living things
utinʔu.tinn.possd1a man's penis2.1.8.3Male organs2the male penis of some animals such as horses, dogs, monkeys, etc. and female animals1. animals1.6.2Parts of an animal
utud1ʔutudSCE.cut apart crosswiseder.nyanutudseveral people cut off something (tree branches or palm frondspig-utudcutting s.th. apart crosswiseutudunwill cut s.th. apart crosswise
utudunʔutudder. ofutud1Vwill cut s.th. apart crosswise7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.8.5Make hole, opening7.8.3Cut
utukʔu.tukn.possda person’s brain2.1.8Internal organsAnatanatomyid.dakula' ya utuksmart; bright; intellegentutuk na pesa'a person’s bone marrowthe bone marrow of large animals