Tagakaulo - English


utuk na pesa'ʔu.tuk na pɜ.saʔid. ofutukpesa'n.possd1a person’s bone marrowthe soft material inside the bones2.1.6Bone, jointAnatanatomy2the bone marrow of large animals such as beef, goat, chicken, pork2.1.6Bone, joint
utumayʔutumayNstick used when dancing (edel)
utut1ʔutut1Ngas; fart1.2.3.3Gas2.2.8Defecate, feces2n.possdfigSometimes women will say that their utut is their last child that they birthed.Synsilak2.6.3Birth2.6.4.2Childcolder.nyaka-utut2If a person nyaka-utut, they accidently farted or passed gas.nyututfarted
uwa-an2ʔuwaʔder. ofuwa'1Vtrim off s.th. to make it fit
uwa-en2ʔuwaʔder. ofuwa'1Vwill reduce s.th. in size or number8.1.4.3Decrease
uwa'1ʔuwaʔRLkya-uwa-an2SCE.reduce in size or numberder.pag-uwa-ansomething is reduced in amount or sizepig-uwa'2reduced s.th. in size or numberuwa-an2trim off s.th. to make it fituwa-en2will reduce s.th. in size or number
uwakʔuwakNa large-bill crowCorvus macrorhynchos philippinus1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
uwang1ʔuwaŋSCE.open upder.pig-uwang2opened up s.th.pig-uwangans.o. or s.th. opened (a door)uwangenwill open up
uwangender. ofuwang1Vwill open up
uwasaʔuwasaSCE.make a miraculous recovery from sicknessder.pig-uwasa͡anmade a miraculous recovery from sickness
uwawʔuwawVcall of a male deer1.6.7Male and female animals1. animals1.6.4.3Animal sounds
uwayʔuwayNrattanCalamus maximus1.5.3Grass, herb, vine1.5.3.2reedsBotbotany
uyagitʔu.ya.gitNThe sound made by a door hinge that needs oil. of sounds
uyal1ʔuyalSCE.aura of light2.3.1.5Visibleder.muyal2see blinding light
uyun1ʔuyun1SCE.agree with; concur3.2.5.4Agree with someone2vb.statder.ka-uyunan2If there is ka-uyunan na kadég, the group has a concensus decision.uyunan2thing agreed to
uyunan2ʔuyunder. ofuyun1Vthing agreed to
uyut1ʔuyutcfawidider. ofawid1SCE.touch2.3.5Sense of touchder.muyutwill touchnyuyut2If a person will muyut something, he is holding on to it because his life depends on it.uyutayAn uyutay is a spear used for killing wild pigs.
uyutayʔuyutayder. ofuyut1NAn uyutay is a spear used for killing wild pigs., shoot