Tagakaulo - English


wa' dawaʔ daid. ofwala'v.phr1extinct1.4.1Dead things2no longer there9.1.1.1Exist
wa’y dali'waʔy daliʔid. ofdali'1adj.Phr.pure1.2.2.3Metal
wa’y dalidid. ofdalidadj.Phr.no basis of truthSaid of a story; a person’s testimony; a myth
wa’y gunawa’y gunaadj.Phr.worthless
wa’y pulu-anwaʔy pulu.ʔanid. ofpulu'1wala'adj.Phr.not one person left
wa’y untungwaʔy untuŋid. ofuntung1wala'adj.Phr.have no benefit
wa’y utawid. ofutaw1adj.Phr.no one2Person
wagakwagakSCE.cry made when in shock over s.o. whose died
wakwakwakwakNA wakwak is a kind of spirit being that comes out at night, looks an old woman, and flies around and eats people.4.9.2Supernatural being
wala'walaʔ1neg.ext.does not exist9.1.1.1Exist1.1neg.ext.there is no....2neg.ext.there is nothing9.1.1.1Exist3neg.ext.posshas nothing9.1.1.1Exist4neg.ext.act.did not happen9.1.1.1Exist5neg.ext.cannot doid.wa' daextinctno longer therewa’y pulu-annot one person leftwa’y untunghave no benefitwala' abaythere was not much ofwala' dano morewala' giti'not prosperwala' imanmanaIn no time at allwala' paIf one event is wala' pa it had not yet happened when another event occurred.wala' yathere was noneg.ex.phrwala' giti'not prosperwala' imanmanaIn no time at allwala' kita-anot visible; not seen
wala' abayid. ofwala'abay1Phr.there was not much of
wala' alupiunspec. comp. form ofalupPhr.s.o. did not covet
wala' anenganenganeg.ex.phranenganengPhr.did not think about it
wala' asagider. ofasagPhr.s.o. did not pour out s.th. on me
wala' atagineg.ex.phratag1Phr.did not give to (me)
wala' atuneg.ex.phratu1Phr.is not against (rebelling)
wala' ayawineg.ex.phrayaw1Phr.cannot abandon s.th.
wala' bantakneg.ex.phrbantak1Phr.did not plot against another
wala' bantakiunspec. comp. form ofbantak1Phr.did not plot to kill another
wala' basabasayineg.ex.phrbasa2Phr.someone has no respect for s.th. or s.o.Simbasabasayider. ofbasabasa
wala' betangineg.ex.phrbetangPhr.did not put (inside)
wala' botonineg.ex.phrbotonPhr.did not stop doing s.th.
wala' bukasineg.ex.phrbukas1Phr.not revealed
wala' daid. ofwala'ext.no more9.1.1.1Exist
Wala' daPhr.not even