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-y-SCE. > VsfxStatus:Real9.2.9.1Verb affixesder.kyumepkeps.o. hugged anotherpyan-awasunloaded cargo from a beast-of-burden (pl.)
ya2yamkr.caseABSAw miglong ya mangud nan, "Basi kay Yat magkakan ya balukagan ini.And so his younger sibling says, "Perhaps, Yat, (we) should eat this here balukagan."
ya1yamkr.topicTopicYa balay iyan i, yan ya balay na sitio lidir.That house over there, that is the house of the sitio leader.9.2.6Particlescomp.yeiy2this-here [previously mentioned]
ya datenganid. ofdateng1v.phrs.o.’s destiny
ya pag-ayawˈʔa.yauder. ofayaw1Vthings left behind; abandon
ya paglongpagloŋid. ofpaglongder. oflong1the thing s.o. said
ya pigpamene'der. ofpig-2pamene'der. ofpene'1Phr.to do instructions s.o. is given
ya pigpan-imo'say. ofimo'1Phr.the things one did
ya salutid. ofsalut1n.phr.the next one8.4.5.1Order, sequence8.
ya tyumagtunder. oftagtun1verb.noun.phr.the owner; masterIdtu muna ikaw ya tyumagtun sa lupa' ini.Short time ago you were the owner of this land.
ya-i pagpugungisay. ofpugungPhr.don’t forbid
ya‑iinterjdon’t (do s.th.) (cmd)
ya‑i lainterjI don’t want it
yagting1yagtiŋSCE.high pitched soundder.mayagting2s.th. is perceived as high pitchedmayagtinghigh-pitched sound
yakanyakanNA yakan is a kind of grub worm.
yaktawyaktawSCE.If a place is said to be mayaktaw, is is a narrow place such as a mountain ridge line. a narrow place
yamek1yamɜkSCE.springy softder.mayamek2feel springy soft
yan1yancfnan21pron.ABS.demon.that9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns2pron.TOP.placeholder09.2.3.5Demonstrative pronounssay.yan dathat’s itthat’s all there is
yan dayan dasay. ofyan1n.phr.1that’s it2that’s all there is
yanagawyanagawconj1therefore; in summary9.2.5.3Sentence conjunctions2therefore9.2.5.3Sentence conjunctions
yangadiProhere now
yeiy1yɜiipron.ABS.demon.thisantyan29.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns
yeiy2comp. ofya1inipron.discthis-here [previously mentioned]

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